*NEWS FLASH* Bensons Bid Goodbye, For Now

This past week was hit with sad news when it was announced by the Benson sisters Julie and Shawna that they will no longer be writing DC’s Green Arrow. The announcement arrived on Twitter through Julie herself.

It appears the cause for the Bensons to be let go from the title was that DC wished to take Green Arrow “in another creative direction.” With the recent executive decisions in regards to certain DC characters, it appears that the Bensons were taking Oliver Queen and all characters associated with the Green Arrow’s section of the DC Universe on a path that did not gel with what they had planned and thus caused friction.


The Bensons say they will be focusing on their tv projects for now and hope they can one day return to comics again.


Julie and Shawna Benson’s run on Green Arrow closes out this December with issue 47.

Danielle Lemos

Danielle Lemos

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