A Hand in Fate (The Life of Captain Marvel #4)

The Life of Captain Marvel pt. 4 of 5

Written by: Margaret Stohl

Art by: Erica D’Urso and Carlos Pacheco

Cover by: Julian Totino Tedesco


Lovely cover by Julian Totino Tedesco



The Story So Far:

Captain Marvel has undergone so many different origin stories over the years, and this new mini-series is no different. Once more, we see Carol change origins. While overall, it is the same one we see rehashed, there is now a change. Her accident in the military that started her as Captain Marvel in the first place? Yeah, that’s not the real story we’re going with here now. Forget about that, for now. Carol Danvers is just an average woman who loves baseball– No. We’re not doing that.

Carol Danvers now is, and always will be, my Captain Marvel. She has grown under this title, for better or for worse. That’s enough of this, for now, I’ll go into further detail at a later date in an opinion piece.

The Truth:

With a new origin comes a new battle. Carol’s mother was revealed to actually be a Kree warrior. Emotions run high as Marie and Carol finally get part of the talk they’ve needed to get out for years, however, there is never a moment of rest for the Danvers’. The Kree Kleaner┬ásent after Marie is back. There’s a lot going on, and I recommend reading it. Wow.


Where to start? The art is fantastic, but that’s hardly a surprise. We’ve had great art from the beginning. However, the story-line itself is nice. I went into this mini-series with high hopes, as I always do for Captain Marvel. So far? It feels like I’ve been let down, and that’s just a shame. I adore Captain Marvel. She is an inspiration, but when readers are forced to go through origin after origin, it is hard to stay attached.



Now, getting back to this particular version, the writing is very clean. It’s not a bad mini-series, and if you don’t know a lot about Captain Marvel, this is a decent place to start so you can have a fresher iteration. I can see a lot of fans slowly flocking towards the greatest symbol, but it has to keep this pace up. We can’t just drop off with nothing again, and that’s what a lot of us are afraid of. Carol hasn’t had the best luck with comics over the years, but here’s to hoping that changes.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this will all be tied up with a neat finishing bow next month.

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Carol Danvers' mysterious past has been revealed (again)! Marie tells all, and the artwork beautifully supports the story. I recommend giving this mini-series a shot if only for the sake that it is Carol Danvers.
  • The emotions are fine.
  • Artwork is great.
  • Carol's new origin happened.
  • The plot is lackluster.
  • Carol's new origin happened.
Plot - 5
General - 6
Art - 8
Writing - 6

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