Citizens’ Larp! Green Arrow #46 Review

Green Arrow #46


Writer: Julie & Shawna Benson

Artists: German Peralta

Cover Artist: Alex Maleev

Variant Cover: Kaare Andrews

Colors: John Kalisz

Letters: Deron Bennett

Green Arrow #46 cover by Alex Maleev

Previously in Green Arrow…

As the mysterious new foe The Citizen began targeting wealthy members of Seattle to exact their own form of “justice” and targeted Oliver Queen next, the billionaire-playboy-turned-Emerald Archer was mourning the death of his long-time friend and ally, Roy Harper, aka Arsenal (who died in Heroes in Crisis #1)…

Summary with limited spoilers

The issue opens with a new live stream from The Citizen, who is frustrated at the disappearance of Oliver Queen, as they fan the flames of rebellion within Seattle. This leads to numerous riots breaking out courtesy of the not-so-rich denizens of Seattle, including one at Flanagan Mansion, where a party is being held. Green Arrow and Black Canary drop in to stop the attack, as Green Arrow seems to spot The Citizen before it’s revealed they’re just a copy-cat, inspired by the Citizen’s words. Worrying that the longer the Citizen is out there, the more copycats will appear and that in turn, they may take someone’s life, Black Canary and Green Arrow take off. Dinah (Black Canary) decides to investigate the drunken hit-and-run it was revealed Oliver Queen was a part of to see if there’s any connection to the Citizen there, while Green Arrow visits the only survivor of the Citizen’s previous kidnappings, Kevin Carlson. After Green Arrow asks for more information on the Citizen, Kevin reveals something else instead. Oliver wasn’t responsible for the hit-and-run that leads to Nadia Vanderberg’s death. It was their friend Brett who was, and Oliver had so many incriminating photos because he was using Kevin’s phone. The Citizen threatened to kill Kevin if he didn’t claim Oliver was responsible on-camera. Kevin reveals he has photos of Brett driving to corroborate the story, as Green Arrow then pays a visit to the sheriff of the time, in order to find out how Citizen got a hold of the crime-scene photos of the incident. The sheriff reveals that the photos came from a rookie police officer, Joe Stranz, who was taking them the night of the accident. After a brief cutaway to Black Canary, who’s lead is a dead end thanks to the suspect using a stolen identity, Green Arrow arrives at Joe Stranz’s home, as he’s then attacked by…The Citizen. The Citizen IS Joe Stranz…

Opinions on story and art

This issue was a pretty enjoyable & engaging read to be sure! After the superb previous issue memorializing Roy Harper, the Benson sisters, alongside new penciller German Peralta, colorist John Kalisz, and letterer Deron Bennett pick up where the main plot of issue #44 left off, dealing with the Citizen. This issue is mostly focused on slowly revealing the Citizen’s identity, and it does so pretty effectively. The pacing for the issue does seem a bit faster than usual, however, that may be because the Benson sisters’ run was shortened (next month’s issue #47 will be their last with a new creative team taking over next year). It’s disappointing, but I don’t think this change-up with largely effect this story too much. We probably won’t see Kate Spencer (who makes another brief appearance in this issue) suiting up as Manhunter anytime soon. The writing and dialogue are on-point with this issue. Something great to see & read after I was disappointed by issue #44’s reveal of Oliver Queen seemingly being guilty of a hit-and-run. This issue does address that fairly well, but I feel like Oliver should still shoulder some of the blame for what happened to Nadia. Otherwise, the narrative is very engaging, and the banter between Oliver and Dinah, and Oliver and Kate remains as enjoyable as ever! The art feels pretty consistent from the last few issues, owing in part due to the colorist John Kalisz’s continued presence on the book. German Peralta does replicate the tone and action sequences of previous penciller Javier Fernandez’s pages very effectively. Save for a few panels focusing on close-ups of the characters’ faces, the art looks nearly identical. Deron Bennett’s lettering remains clear and precise, never feeling difficult to comprehend. It’s very disappointing this run is being cut short, as more Green Arrow issues like this one? That would’ve been excellent!

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
After a very moving previous issue, issue #46 delivers very engaging action sequences, banter, and a very satisfying reveal of who the Citizen truly is. DC was foolish for cutting this run short, as more Shawna and Julie Benson-written Green Arrow could’ve only been a good thing!
  • The dialogue and plot remain just as engaging and well-crafted as the previous issue
  • German Peratla’s pencils replacing Javier Fernandez’s nearly seamlessly
  • The reveal of of who the Citizen is feels pretty natural
  • Pertala’s close-ups on character faces feel slightly off-model from what Javier Fernandez established
  • This run is being cut-short
Art - 9.5
Writing - 9.5
Plot - 9
Character Development - 8
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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