A Piece of the Action (Star Wars #58)


Writer- Kieron Gillen

Artist- Angel Unzueta

Colorist- Guru-eFX

Letterer- VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artist- Jamal Campbell

Variant Cover Artists- John Tyler Christopher, Rod Reis

Han, Luke, and Leia have been separated from the rest of the rebels.  They have escaped imperial forces only to find themselves trapped on a moon with no chance of getting off for months.  The inactivity is starting to drive Luke crazy and he’s desperate to make contact with the outside world.


In the last issue we got a lot of set up.  We met all of the important characters and we learned about the place.  There wasn’t a lot of action though.  This issue we definitely got a lot of action and moved the story forward.  The issue actually starts with an action sequence.  After that we follow Luke around as he gets more and more frustrated with the isolation and inactivity.


I definitely liked this issue more than the last one.  I personally found the last issue kind of boring.  It was a whole lot of setup and none of it really paid off until we got to this issue.  This issue definitely had more action, but more importantly it also has plot points.  You can have all the action you want, but if there’s not a plot in there somewhere than what’s the point of me reading it.

In this issue we focus a lot on Luke.  He was also the focus of the last issue, so it makes sense that we’ve continued following him.  The thing is that despite not having the most eventful life back on Tatooine, Luke is absolutely not capable of sitting around and waiting.  It’s really interesting to see a young, impatient Luke Skywalker, desperate for action.  If you only keep up with the Star Wars films than it’s been awhile since you’ve seen this version of Luke Skywalker.  It’s easy to forget that he was once young and learning about the galaxy beyond his family’s farm.

It’s also interesting to see how the characters react to this situation differently.  Luke is getting frustrated and is lashing out.  Meanwhile, Han is living it up.  He loves being in a place where he doesn’t have to worry about being attacked and can just kick back and relax.  It’s a very different reaction than the one Luke is having.  I like things like that because it lets us see different sides of the characters.  It makes them seem more like people.  They’re not just paper cutouts performing actions.  They have react and have feelings that can make us love of hate them.

I had a lot of problems with the art in the last issue.  I feel like the art style doesn’t work well for the characters that had film counterparts.  They honestly kind of creep me out and it was especially bad in the last issue.  Since there wasn’t a lot going on it was really easy to focus on those characters and how off putting they looked.  Since this issue had a lot more going on it was much easier to get wrapped up in that and ignore what made me uncomfortable about the art.

Other than the human characters, I still enjoy all of the other art.  I think the settings and the droid characters look great and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of them.

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Sarah Bieniek

Sarah Bieniek

I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.
I like this issue a lot more than the last one. We’re finally getting payoff for the setup in the last issue and I’m enjoying the actual story that they’re giving us.
  • Character development
  • The plot is moving along well
  • More action than the previous issue
  • The art for the film characters is still in the uncanny valley
Written by
I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.

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