Five minutes in the Penalty Box for Sticking!! (Unstoppable Wasp #3 Comic Review)

Unstoppable Wasp #3 Review

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artists: Gurihiru

Cover Artist: Stacy Lee

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao

Unstoppable Wasp #3 cover by Stacy Lee

Previously in Unstoppable Wasp…

As Nadia Van Dyne struggled with the question of what Janet & Jarvis could be keeping from her regarding her father Hank Pym, Janet took Nadia out for a night on the town. After defeating a strange glob of sentient slime, the pair meet up with Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) and Ying to watch a wrestling match with former Wasp foes-turned G.I.R.L security Poundcakes & Letha. After a fun match and a bonding moment between Bobbi and Ying, the group returns to G.I.R.L to find the lab under siege by A.I.M!


Summary with limited spoilers

Picking up immediately where the previous issue ended, Nadia & Ying charge directly into the building to rescue their friends. Janet and Bobbi chase after Nadia, while Poundcakes and Letha follow Ying. After Nadia dispatches the A.I.M guards on the roof, Bobbi & Janet catch up to her, but Nadia continues to barrel into G.I.R.L, adamant that if any of the A.I.M forces have hurt her friends, they will pay. While this is going on, Poundcakes and Letha continue to follow Ying’s trail of unconscious A.I.M soldiers, leading them into the path of a mysterious woman referred to only as “Brilliance”, who sends her A.I.M guards at the wrestling duo. Cutting to the stairwell, Seeker has taken Lashayla hostage, wanting her portal tech in A.I.M’s hands. Ying tracks the two down, as the comic then moves back to Nadia, having located both Taina and her sister Alexis. The pair has been attacked by Finesse (former Avengers Academy student of Hank Pym’s), as she’s after the Vision-gloves Taina made. Nadia tries to fight off Finesse, but the daughter of Taskmaster proves to be too much, knocking Nadia down and stealing her size-changing gloves. She blasts Tania as a distraction, Nadia needing to shrink down and rescue Tania as Finesse makes her escape with the Vision-gloves. Cutting back to the stairwell, Seeker tries to convince Ying to back off, warning that something terrible is coming, but Ying is undeterred. Lashayla uses this distraction to activate Seeker’s jet-boots, sending her flying up the stairwell. After a moment of the two gleefully reuniting and solidifying their relationship as girlfriends, they run off to help their friends. As Seeker, Brilliance, Finesse and strangely Priya make their way to the rooftop, they run into Bobbi and Janet. Needing one more distraction so they can escape on their A.I.M blimp, Brilliance throws a capsule at the two Avengers, filled with slime similar to the blob-monster Janet and Nadia fought earlier in the evening. Bobbi & Janet are both knocked off the building, and A.I.M successfully retreats. The comic returns to inside the lab, with Nadia having successfully rescued Taina, and reuniting with Lashayla & Ying. But they still haven’t found Priya…


Opinions on story and art

After the fun, crazy action & humour of the previous issue, this one is much more serious and the action much more intense. This is A.I.M showing G.I.R.L just what they’re capable of, and it’s done very effectively. Jeremy Whitley’s dialogue & plotting remain perfectly executed, managing to craft an incredibly dire mood over the whole comic, while still allowing for the odd bit of levity, between Janet & Bobbi’s mocking of Clint Barton-Hawkeye and Lashayla & Ying’s nervous admitting of neither of them knowing how to proceed with their relationship, It’s endearing beyond words and incredibly cute. The addition of two new A.I.M recruits with Brilliance and Finesse is very intriguing. The former adds some mystery to the comic in regards to who she is and what she gets out of aiding A.I.M (not to mention sporting a fantastic design), while the latter creates an interesting dynamic for Nadia. As someone who studied under Hank, Finesse knows him a lot better than Nadia, and she’s very effectively demonstrated to be more than a match for Nadia’s skills on a physical level. There’s also the added question of why Priya seemed to leave G.I.R.L with A.I.M, and what that could mean for Nadia’s growing trust issues.


The artwork remains absolutely gorgeous, with the fight between Nadia and Finesse being the stand-out moment of the comic. Gurihiru makes Finesse both slick & deadly and conveying her cocky personality brilliantly. I especially enjoyed her twirling the hockey stick she disarmed from Alexis around as she taunted Nadia.


The lettering from Joe Carmagna remains clear & precise, never once feeling out of place, while conveying the needed urgency of a given scene when required, such as Taina’s desperate cry for help echoing through the vents Nadia flies through.

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
After the humour-heavy second issue, this entry flawlessly conveys the danger & thrills filled within Unstoppable Wasp’s world. Jeremy Whitley, Gurihiru and Joe Carmagna continue to be a dream creative team, and this a dream on-going comic series!
  • The action is intense and engrossing
  • Finesse looks incredibly intimidating
  • Lashayla & Ying confirm their status as girlfriends!
  • Several mysteries are further developed/introduced very efficiently
  • This series continues to make me SO ANXIOUS FOR NADIA
Art - 10
Writing - 10
Plot - 10
Character Development - 10
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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