Lost Light (Knights of the Golden Sun #2 Comic Review)

Knights of the Golden Sun #2 Review

Writer: Mark London

Artist: Mauricio Villarreal

Letters: Andrew S. Zea


Set seven years after Azrael, Angel of Death and their protector Sandalphon, struck down Michael, Lucifer, and Raphael with one bolt of lightning, Knights of the Golden Sun’s second issue begins by having David’s Mighty Warriors locate Michael in Babylon. It is then revealed that a group of humans, the House of David is aware of the existence of the archangels and that Michael, Raphael and Lucifer have lost their memories and their powers to an extent. We also see Azrael influencing human history by being the driving force behind Alexander the Great’s near impossible conquest of the known world, and also the one behind his death. Azrael appears poised to take the throne left vacant by the Father’s sudden abandonment and we also see it shake even some of the archangels faith, mostly newcomer Uriel.


While I don’t think a time-skip was necessarily the best way to begin the second issue it did end up working out in their favor. Showing Azrael directly influencing human history and the way she has corrupted the amnesiac Michael, now calling himself Mathias, does a good job of establishing her power and threat level as the main antagonist of this story. The art and action scenes continue to be a joy to consume with Villarreal showing just how powerful these beings are when they’re barely even trying. Showing Uriel, who is supposed to represent the light and passion of God, as confused and saddened by His sudden abandonment is just another example of London differentiating the Archangels by more than just appearance.

The strongest positive of the issue above all is the introduction of Human characters in the story. David appeared in the last issue but wasn’t given much to do. In this issue though we are introduced to Ishbaal, Shaamah, and who I can only assume to be named Eleazar given the trend set by the other two of being named the same as two of David’s Three Legendary Men.

The inclusion of human characters and the mention of an entire human faction means this story isn’t just taking place behind closed doors. It gives readers a more relatable cast to become attached too and allows the author to create more interesting dynamics among the now growing cast.

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Will Sweval

Will Sweval

On Comic Ground's #1 Robin fan coming at you with such hot takes as the 2003 Daredevil movie wasn't that bad and Cyclops was right since 1997.
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On Comic Ground's #1 Robin fan coming at you with such hot takes as the 2003 Daredevil movie wasn't that bad and Cyclops was right since 1997.

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