“Hal Jordan Vs. God?” (The Green Lantern #3 Comic Review)

The Green Lantern #3 Comic Review

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Liam Sharp

Colorist: Steve Oliff

Letterer: Tom Orzechowski

Cover: Liam Sharp & Steve Oliff

Variant Cover: Jae Lee and June Chung

Slave Lords of the Stars

“Hal Jordan Vs. God?”

What You Need to Know

Hal Jordan investigates the disappearance of Earth and is disgusted by what he finds. Hal also learns that the Blackstars are connected to the Dhorians and their planet kidnapping and trading. Hal and his team of Green Lanterns may be in over their head however, as God (?) makes his presence known, and has his own plans for Earth.

What Just Happened

The issue begins with the Blackstars and the Dhorians confirming their agreement. The Blackstars will provide protection, while the Dhorians continue to kidnap and sell planets on the intergalactic black market. Volgar Zo of Dhor begins an auction of the planet Earth. Due to the planet’s abduction and shrinkage, the planet is hit with environmental catastrophes. Villains such as Steppenwolf and the Dominators bid for the planet but are outbid by a familiar looking entity called The Shepherd. The Shepherd resembles the Eurocentric (of course) interpretation of God, and he wins the bid for planet Earth. Meanwhile Hal Jordan and a team of Green Lanterns stealthily stake out the auction. After the sale is made, the Lanterns jump into action but are met with resistance from the Blackstars powered by technology from Evil Star’s gauntlet. Hal then goes after The Shepherd while the other lanterns wonder how the Dhorians and Blackstars knew they were coming and who betrayed them.

Hal confronts The Shepherd and attempts to place him under arrest even though the entity towers over him. The Shepherd explains to Hal that he takes planets from certain doom and allows them to thrive in his “Space Sanctuary”. The Shepherd even says that the people of Earth agreed to remain in captivity. Hal uses his ring to project himself onto Earth and speak with his friend Tom Kalmaku. Tom explains to Hal that the artificial sun the The Shepherd has exposed Earth to has given the people of Earth superpowers. Tom informs Hal that people enjoy the powers they have gained and like being a part of The Shepherd’s collection. Hal uses his ring to inform the people of Earth that “The Shepherd” is actually a planet eating immortal terravore with a grotesque appearance. Hal is shocked to find out that the people of Earth still don’t mind being a part of the collection. “The Shepherd” tries to attack Hal but Hal subdues him easily with his ring.

Hal explains to the people of Earth that “The Shepherd” waits a thousand years to feast on the planet and devours every part of it. The people of Earth tell Hal that they still don’t mind and note the fact that they have superpowers. Hal decides to intervene and place the planet “under arrest” with his ring to keep the planet subdued until he can return it to its rightful orbit. Hal returns to the battle with the Blackstars angered from his experience with “The Shepherd”. Hal subdues the Blackstars with little effort.

The Green Lanterns investigate the Dhorian mothership, and find that they use kidnapped species to power their engines, exposing the victims to radiation, cooking them from the inside out. The victims plead with the Lanterns to either save them or kill them. Volgar Zo, who the Lanterns now have in custody mocks the Lanterns and calls the victims “merchandise. In a rage, Hal Jordan kills Volgar Zo and tells the shocked Green Lanterns who witnessed the act that he acted in self-defense and to help him clean up the crime scene.

My Thoughts

This has been another weird but entertaining issue of The Green Lantern by Grant Morrison. Morrison does a great job characterizing the Dhorians as despicable, and heartless slavers who have no regard for any living thing. The Blackstars can barely stomach them due to being so despicable. Morrison pays great attention to detail in this issue by showing the reader that due to Earth being out of its orbit and shrunk down inside, environmental would occur. The auction sequence in this book is very well done and features some fun cameos from villains that have been a thorn of the Green Lantern Corps and DCs heroes in general. The reveal of The Shepherd and his subsequent exposure was strangely funny and entertaining. Hal trying to arrest someone that looks to be the size of Galactus was an amusing sight. Grant Morrison made sure to inject some comedy in this issue, particularly funny was Hal’s argument with the people of Earth regarding whether having superpowers is worth dooming your planet and great-grandchildren.

The fun and games stops, and this issue injects some real world issues when Hal Jordan takes the law into his own hands for some lethal punishment. With law enforcement under the microscope for use of force, police brutality, and covering up misconduct, I’m curious to see how Grant Morrison handles Hal Jordan’s shocking actions in future issues.

Liam Sharp continues to provide great art for this book. The Dhorians look just as disgusting as the actions they take thanks to Sharp’s art. The true form of “The Shepherd” was also a highlight of the issue for me.

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Marcus Freeman

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Hal Jordan solves the disappearance of Earth and has a heart to heart with “God” in the process. Hal is rightfully disgusted by the actions of the Dhorians, but Hal may have taken things a step to far by dispensing his own brand of justice. What will be the consequences of Hal’s actions?
  • The Shepherd isn't all he seems
  • Effective use of comedy
  • Space police brutality?
  • What are Controller Mu and the Blackstars up to?
  • I'd like to see other Green Lanterns in the spotlight
Story - 9
Art - 9
Character Development - 9
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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