Writers : Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

Colors : Jacob Phillips

What you need to know 

This is a new monthly issue run with Ed and Sean as the true owners of their work. They have eight books set in this world through back catalogs. Prepare for a comic book where the story and reality of life are admittedly one and the same. Ed and Sean continue on without reservations or a second thought on this new endeavor.

What just happened

The story begins with Teeg Lawless’ son Ricky lawless breaking into an old man’s mansion as a result Teegs’ bad luck has followed his DNA strands and manifested itself through his son Ricky. A series of bad decisions leads to a father risking his life for a son he never truly raised. Now with a literal deadline, because of that, he has no choice but to delve back into his past and commit to crime to save his son’s life.

My thoughts

Ed and Sean have recaptured my interest in the fullest way possible. This book has no warnings or cautionary signs. It goes from dismal events too terrible events in the blink of an eye. The story flowed flawlessly, as a result, the reader shares a certain viewpoint which has been lost on some modern comics in my opinion. The art is different and fresh. It feels chaotic as it mirrors the tone of the story. Switching between cleanly drawn panels to out of sync panels that give the reader another visual sense that they might hold on to. It is an enjoyable read even as a reader who hasn’t read any back catalog works from Ed Brubaker.

Artwork and final opinion

Jacob Philip’s coloring style is raw and imposing so it works fantastic with this no holds barred story. At times it can get too dark to make out some lines, as a result, some panels are splashes of color with no real guide. Overall the style is great. I hope he continues honing his craft because some panels go from colored to black. The heavy bleeding could be cut back.


I would like more back story on the main antagonists, especially since this is issue #1 for a new series. The writers give a glimpse of the future for Teeg and to some, it may be a spoiler but to me, it provides even more intrigue. How does the journey end? What event’s lead up to the inevitable conclusion? This book is perfect for new readers looking to expand outside mainstream heroes or readers exhausted by super-powered beings.

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Teeg Lawless has hit rock bottom, or so he thinks because through unfortunate life choices Teeg embarks on a journey of self discovery and bitter truths. Most importantly he must survive one last score. 
  • Easy flow between narrator and first person
  • Realistic plot devices
  • Dramatic enough to keep it interesting
  • Overt color bleeding at times
  • More dialogue between characters
  • Gave main protagonists future spoiler
Story - 8
Art - 8
Readability - 8

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