I’m going to see this through to the end (Old Man Hawkeye #12 Comic Review)

User Rating: 10


Old Man Hawkeye #12

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Artist: Francesco Mobili

Cover:  Marco Chechetto

Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

Colorist: Andres Mossa

Hawkeye with Cate Bishop the other Hawkeye’s help is nearing the completion of his  last real fight. His last mission before his sight leaves him permanently was to exact revenge for the deaths of his friends due to Baron Zemo and the Thunderbolts betrayal. That pivotal moment leads the entire country down a dark path it has not recovered from to this day. Hawkeye has fought and killed all over to find this last refuge of Zemo and his associates. Things went downhill though when Avalanche a high-ranking member of Zemos Cabal caught Clint and used his powers on him at close range. The effects of it vastly hastened Clint’s coming blindness. Now he is completely without sight in addition to being outmanned and outgunned. There isn’t time to take that in as the final battle rages on.

Hawkeye is fighting Avalanche but is completely blind now. His situation goes from bad to worse when he notices Kate in the room too. Avalanche turns his attention to her for a second allowing Clint to seize the opportunity to stab him. As he lay dying, he tried to collapse the Weapon X Bunker on everyone present. A scientist is trying to escape with a lot of vials of Super Soldier Serum that the Red Skull the President was planning on using for future operations. The scientist acknowledges they were creating more but then decided that the Red Skull’s forces can’t get their hands on that or they will be unstoppable. As the Hawkeyes fight off the reaming forces Bullseye arrives leading Kate to attack him. She does remarkably well and Bullseye compliments her skill in comparison to Clint’s. As he is escorting a scientist out he hears Bullseye calling to him to meet him for their decisive battle. Kate while formidable in Bullseye opinion was captured by him and is in danger. Clint arrives to confront Bullseye. Kate is able to get a particular Arrow and stab Bullseye allowing Clint to shoot based on the sound the Arrow was letting off. Bullseye is dead and Taskmaster salvages some equipment from the scene including Bullseye’s dead body without telling Skull about it. Clint’s mission is complete but he still wants to fight to lead him to seek out an old friend who might know a thing about fighting blind.

This was a mostly satisfying end to the story. This was a wild ride to me and showing the depth of Hawkeye’s character. He has his flaws but he has a good heart and this story showed that. While this story takes place before Old Man Logan I found myself liking this better than that actually believe it or not. I know most consider Logan to be Wolverines best story and it is to me but I have a soft spot for this series that I cannot deny.

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Dwight Thomas Jr

Dwight Thomas Jr

Born: Queens, New York Currently: Kaiserslautern, Germany Hobbies: Anime, Comics (Mostly Marvel & DC), Guns (And other weapons), Videogames, Science, Tech, Sports, Poetry, etc Favorite Hero: The Punisher
Dwight Thomas Jr
The ending while ultimately satisfying leads me to believe we might get more Old Man Hawkeye adventures in the future. Though his mission is complete it sounds like he has more fight left in him. I hope we get to see more. Here’s looking forward to the new and improved (But still old) Clint of the future. Until next time Hakweye…
  • Open ended conclusion (Maybe more to come)
  • Conclusion still felt satisfying
  • No real fight with Bullseye (Though it's understandable why)
Art - 10
Plot - 10
Written by
Born: Queens, New York Currently: Kaiserslautern, Germany Hobbies: Anime, Comics (Mostly Marvel & DC), Guns (And other weapons), Videogames, Science, Tech, Sports, Poetry, etc Favorite Hero: The Punisher

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