Supergirl vs. The Citadel (Supergirl #26 Comic Review) SPOILERS

Written by: Marc Andreyko
Pencils by: Kevin Maguire
Inks by: Sean Parsons, Scott Hanna, and Wade Von Grawbadger
Colors by: FCO Plascencia and Chris Sotomayor
Letters by: Tom Napolitano
Cover by: Yanick Paquette with Nathan Fairbairn
Variant Cover by: Amanda Conner

Supergirl 26 Cover


When we last left our heroine, she had just been captured by Splyce and delivered to the mysterious Harry Hokum.

Kara wakes up in The Citadel surrounded by Hokum and his henchmen and she is not amused. Unfortunately, her powers have been drained, and she can’t break free. Hokum uses this opportunity to try to interrogate her, demanding to know what Supergirl is doing all the way out in deep space. There’s a hilarious moment where Kara beckons him closer to answer his question, but instead spits in his face.

While Hokum’s back is turned, Kara asks Splyce why such a powerful woman such as herself is “serving a fool like Hokum”, characterizing her actions as pathetic. Splyce is predictably rattled by this, and pulls out her solar powered laser and blasts Kara for being cheeky. As she falls down, Spylce taunts that she’s heard of the stories of her and Superman, and believes them to be unearned. Of course, Kara knew exactly what she was doing when she provoked Splyce—her weapon has given her a temporary power boost. Still, she makes the decision to play possum as the guards drag her to a transport ship.

Meanwhile, Z’ndr Kol and Krypto have arrived at The Citadel just in time to watch the ship carrying Kara take off. Z’ndr admits that he doesn’t really have a plan—The Citadel is, as he puts it, “a whole genocidal intergalactic empire”. Before he can think of a solution, their ship is boarded, and one of their attackers knocks out Krypto. The other reveals a holographic transmission in which the messenger (whom Z’ndr seems to recognize) orders Z’ndr to come aboard his ship.

While this is happening, Kara is taken to the labor planet of Slifor-V and forcibly tossed in a cell. The other prisoners ask her if they’ve seen their husbands, as they’ve been taken from them. Kara introduces herself, and another prisoner says that they’ve gone for days without food. A child laments that their captors have killed his father. Kara manages to use her freeze breath to break her shackles and then asks if the others are ready to break out.

On the next page, two of the guards are watching from their tower to prevent any of the prisoners from escaping. An unknown intruder vaporizes them both.

Harry Hokum reveals his true intentions for kidnapping Kara—he wants to replicate her cells and clone an army of Kryptonians to defeat the rebellion and the Omega Men who seek to depose him.

Kara lures one of the guards to her cell and knocks him out, stealing his keys. Before she and the others can get very far, there’s an explosion, and in walk the Omega Men—Primus, Broot, Scrapps, Tigora, and Kalista. Primus explains that Hokum has killed millions, and the only way to stop him is to destroy his power source. Kara reflects that The Citadel’s turmoil resembles that of Krypton, and asks how she can help. The team fights their way out and stumble into the room they think the power source is in. instead, they find the Omega Men’s comrades—Nimbus, Harpis, and Demonia—whom they had believed to be dead. There’s no time for them to have a reunion, however, as Spylce arrives flanked by an army of clones.

I loved this issue. The Supergirl title is an exciting sci-fi jaunt with just the right amount of suspense and perfect pacing. The art was incredible as usual. I’m still anxious to find out more about Z’ndr, the Coluan archaeologist, and I hope that we get more of his backstory and motivations in future issues.

Melissa Privette

Melissa Privette

Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.

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Andreyko continues to deliver an entertaining adventure as Kara and the Omega Men fight their way through The Citadel.
  • Engaging Story
  • Brilliant Characterization of Kara
  • Really wanting to know if Z'ndr is Brainiac 5
  • Story ended too quickly
Story - 9
Art - 10
Characterization - 10
Written by
Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.

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