“Correct Your Mistakes” (Oblivion Song #12 Comic Review)

Oblivion Song #12 Comic Review

Writer: Robert Kirkman

Artist/Cover: Lorenzo De Felici

Colorist: Annalisa Leoni

Letterer: Rus Wooton

“Setting Things Right”

What You Need to Know

Nathan has finally gained control of the situation in Philadelphia. Nathan has talked sense into his brother and realized that Ed is better off on Oblivion. The question now is whether Nathan deserves to be behind bars or continuing his mission to liberate survivors on Oblivion?

What Just Happened

The issue begins with the people of Philadelphia realizing that they have been returned to Earth. Nathan successfully activated the transference machine to return everyone home. Nathan destroys the transference machine to prevent anyone from abusing it in the future. Elsewhere in the city, Heather surrenders to Director Ward now that the city has been returned to Earth. Director Ward refuses to arrest her and offers her a chance to run. Heather berates Director Ward for trying to weaponize the transference machine. Duncan visits Bridget after the threat of Oblivion has been resolved, and admits to her that he has not been the same person since he has been back from Oblivion. Duncan shares that heading into the danger to help out people caught in the transference made him feel normal for the first time in a long time. Duncan states that he understands that Bridget has moved on from him and he promises to get help for what he is feeling. Lucy who is looking for Ed approaches Nathan. Nathan tells her that he sent Ed back to Oblivion. Lucy reveals to Nathan that she was going to ask Ed to take her with him.

Duncan decides to attend a support group for survivors of Oblivion. The attendees of the meeting have grown in size since the second transference event. On Oblivion, Ed reunites with Maria and he reveals to her that he needs to give his people a chance to decide if they want to return to Earth or not. Nathan returns to Oblivion to visit Ed and his people and brings Lucy with her to stay with Ed and his people. Maria does not appear to be happy with her joining the group. Ed asks Nathan to stay with them, but Nathan states that he needs to return to Earth to finally face the consequences for his actions. Nathan gives Ed one of his teleportation belts to transfer his people to Earth if they choose to return. Nathan is arrested by Director Ward and is detained with Heather.

On Oblivion, Keith is being tortured by one of the “Faceless Men”. Keith pleads with one of the creatures to let him see his family. The creature appears to be learning English by the “experiments” it is conducting on Keith.

My Thoughts

The latest installment of Oblivion Song appears to be a cool down issue that also sets up future storylines. This issue gives Nathan and his supporting characters the spotlight to process the second “transference” and what it means for their lives going forward. Robert Kirkman portrays Nathan as being proud of and relieved by being able to bring Philadelphia back to Earth. Nathan’s sense of duty also leads him to destroy the transference machine, bring Lucy to Oblivion, give Ed one of his teleportation belts, and turn himself in to Director Ward. Nathan’s actions lead to a heartwarming exchange between him and Heather. This couple is the heart of this book. Speaking of Lucy however, does she think she can get that old thing back with Ed? I don’t think Maria is having that at all, and I don’t think Maria is anyone to play around with.

I was happy to see some major character development from Duncan in this issue. Duncan has pretty much been a zombie during this series’ first 11 issues. Duncan has now shared his motivations, or lack thereof, and by facing another transference head-on, Duncan learns that he left a piece of himself in Oblivion. That piece unfortunately is the part of him that Bridget loved, and Duncan now understands that their relationship can’t continue. This revelation also leads Duncan to realize he that he now needs therapy. Duncan even attends a support group for Oblivion survivors and meets maybe another potential love interest.

Director Ward is even humanized in this issue. Ward is truly torn by having to arrest Heather. Ward truly admires her spirit and sense of duty and maybe sees a father/daughter relationship with her. Ward is even willing to let her escape. Ward seems truly disappointed when Heather holds him accountable for trying to weaponize the transference machine. Ward also seems disappointed in the potential Heather and Nathan had as team members in his organization.

What I’m truly looking forward to is what the issue reveals at its end. We see Keith again on Oblivion, but he’s in a tough predicament. The “Faceless Men” seem to be torturing humans they come across on Oblivion to learn more about them. They even seem to be learning how to speak English. Keith pleads to see his family so that makes me question how many humans are missing on Oblivion?

De Felici continues to knock it out of the park with his art. What he really does well in this issue is showcase the emotion on his characters’ faces. De Felici excels at showing the look of pride and relief on Nathan’s face, the look of love and affection on the face of Heather, and the disappointment on Director Ward’s face. As usual, De Felici’s creature designs are great, and the “Faceless Men” may be his strangest creation yet.


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Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman

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Nathan has saved Philadelphia once again and atoned for his brother’s mistake. Nathan and those in his orbit are restarting their lives with new beginnings. A seemingly sinister force residing on Oblivion may threaten this fresh start.
  • Major character developments
  • Strong art
  • Seems like the book may be in a holding pattern until the next storyline
Story - 8
Art - 9
Character Development - 9
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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