Questions Abound (The Freeze #4)

Writer: Dan Wickline

Art: Philip Sevy

Letters: Troy Peteri


The world has inexplicably come to a standstill.  One day all the people in the world froze in place wherever they stood.  Now, only one man has the ability to unfreeze them.  He and the people he’s unfrozen have been trying to figure out why “The Freeze” happened in the first place, while also building lives in this new world.  Unfortunately, not everything has gone as smoothly as they would have liked.  Our hero, Ray, and the others have had to deal with both murder and tension amongst the survivors.


I was not expecting one of the reveals in this book.  Which was actually pretty nice.  I thought I had things figured out, but then they surprised me.  Although, I’m a little frustrated that not all of my questions have been answered.  That isn’t a bad thing though.  This issue is the conclusion of the first arc of the story.  So, certain conflicts and tensions have been wrapped up in order to give the reader a certain amount of satisfaction.  Some of the biggest questions have been left open though.  I get it, it’s to make sure I’m hooked and willing to read the next issue.  It’s frustrating though because they had me back at issue one and now I want more.

I think this series is really intriguing and I love how it’s a story that forces you to think not just about the story its telling, but about human nature and what we do when faced with a crisis.  In this issue we get some major reveals that sort of makes me wonder about the kind of stress a situation like this puts people under.  How strong or fragile is the human mind?  Honestly, the only real criticism I have is that this issue felt kind of rushed.  There is a lot going on and the conclusion of one of the story threads seems to wrap up at lightning speed.

Overall though, I do like the story.  Another thing I like about this series is the art.  Something I’ve noticed that helps add to the story is the line thickness on all of the line art.  In some panels, the lines get thicker which I feel adds a lot to whatever action is happening in those scenes.  It helps add to the intensity of certain scenes and sometimes just helps focus your eye on certain areas of the panel.

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Sarah Bieniek

Sarah Bieniek

I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.
Despite some aspects of the story being a little rushed in this issue I enjoy the series overall and like where it’s going. I think it’s a solid series and hope we don’t have to wait to long for the next arc.
Written by
I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.

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