Oxford Comic is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their premier anthology MASKED PREJUDICE

MASKED PREJUDICE showcases the lives, challenges, and adventures of heroes from marginalized communities. The book is 160 pages long, in full-colorand features 13 stories by 27 incredibly talented writers and artists.

The creative teams include the likes of Felipe Cunha (Return to Whisper), Mike Garley (Adventure Time), Joe Glass (The Pride), Sebastián Piriz (Headspace), Rodrigo Urbano (Heavy Metal), Ellie Wright (Elvira), and many more!

Inks by: Sueli Oliveira
Colors by: Ellie Wright

Inks by: Felipe Cunha
Colors by: Ellie Wright











“The project began as the brainchild of Jason Conover, editor of Masked Prejudice and founder of Oxford Comics:

A little over a year ago, five of friends and coworkers came together to brainstorm and collaborate on a superhero universe. All had been long-time comic book readers and coworkers at Midtown Comics. They wanted to take their passion for the genre and create something of their own. As the characters were fleshed out, new talented creators joined their ranks, and their universe took shape, Jason realized the potential for more than just heroes punching villains.

Most of the original characters developed are people of color, members of the LGBT community, or both. As a gay man himself, Jason realized superpowered characters at their most powerless could serve as a compelling metaphor for the experiences of the most commonly disenfranchised. The American political climate is ripe with racial tension, discrimination, and bigotry. The alarmingly real issues of school shootings, police brutality, increasing suicide, and governmental internment lie at the heart of our narrative. Every tale builds a threadwork creating a rich new universe, exploring a tapestry of exciting new characters.” –  Via a press release from Editor Jason Conover

The campaign ends April 6th and expected delivery is October 2019. Click HERE to check it out and donate!


“Comics are for everyone and that’s what Masked Prejudice stands for as an anthology.” – Rebecca Fiore, writer of Code of Honor



Inks by: Rich Wojcicki

Inks by: Anthony Gambino




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A lesbian who spends too much time/money reading and overanalyzing comic books.

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