“Showdown at Rann” (The Green Lantern #6 Comic Review)

The Green Lantern #6 Comic Review

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist: Liam Sharp

Colorist: Steve Oliff

Letterer: Steve Wands

Cover: Liam Sharp & Steve Oliff

Variant Cover: Tom Raney & Alex Sinclair

Under Strange Skies

“Showdown at Rann”

What You Need to Know

Hal Jordan continues his undercover mission as he infiltrates the Blackstars to get information on the weapon they are creating and to take out Controller Mu. The latest test to Hal’s resolve takes place on Rann. Hal is faced with the dilemma in either killing one of his friends or blowing his cover and being killed himself while dooming the universe in the process. Will Hal be able to maintain his cover even if it means taking the life of a friend?

What Just Happened

The issue begins with Hal Jordan on Planet Rann undercover as a Blackstar. Countess Belzebeth has ordered Hal to kill Adam Strange in order to prove his loyalty to the Blackstars and Controller Mu. Hal is able to stall by saying he won’t kill an unarmed opponent. Elsewhere on Rann, Controller Mu informs the Science Council of Rann to embrace the Blackstars occupation or be destroyed.   Controller Mu orders a public duel between Hal and Adam in order to persuade the Science Council to bow to his rule. Adam pleads with Hal to fight whatever the Blackstars have done to him, but Hal tells him to be quiet. Adam wounds Hal in the neck, but Hal apparently kills him. Belzebeth informs Hal that he has earned an audience with Controller Mu after killing Adam Strange.

Hal Jordan meets with Controller Mu and Mu reveals that Hal offered his Green Lantern power ring to Controller Mu as the fourth component of Mu’s ultimate weapon. Controller Mu reveals to Hal that he is unable to access the power of Hal’s ring and orders Hal to use his willpower to access the ring.

Elsewhere on Rann, Adam Strange’s wife, Alanna and members of the Science Council prepare to harvest Adam Strange’s organs.   Alanna and the council soon realize that Adamn is not actually wounded. Adam wakes up and informs them that Hal Jordan faked his death by putting him into a coma.

Meanwhile, Controller Mu correctly deducts that Hal Jordan has been working undercover on orders of the Guardians. Hal admits the truth but states that after seeing the Blackstars up close, he is now unsure of what side he is on. Controller Mu reveals to Hal that he has given Adam Strange’s daughter, Aleea, and has given her a U-Bomb to play with. Controller Mu states that if the bomb goes off the whole universe will be destroyed. Adam Strange and Alanna arrived and Alanna shoots Controller Mu despite warnings from Hal Jordan. Mu is able to activate the U-Bomb. The Guardians order Hal Jordan to use all the power of the Central Power Battery to defuse the U-Bomb.

The issue flashes forward, and Adam Strange memorializes Hal Jordan and explains that he and the bomb disappeared in an explosive output of energy. Out in the universe, Hal Jordan’s ring floats aimlessly. Inside the ring, Hal is trapped with no memory of what happened prior. Hal meets a being in the ring that directs him to the “Emerald Sands”. What Hal doesn’t realize is that this being is an old enemy who is sure to take advantage of Hal’s current predicament.

My Thoughts

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp have crafted another solid chapter of their take on Hal Jordan. I was actually surprised that Morrison decided to blow Hal’s cover so soon, but I appreciate that the plot has been advanced significantly. In this issue we really get to see how vile and cunning Controller Mu is. Mu is willing to have a whole planet destroyed if they do not submit to his will and would not shed a single tear over the lives that are lost. Luckily, Hal is just as cunning and he is able to use the Blackstars’ sense of grandiosity to keep Adam Strange alive. Morrison’s take on the narrative trope of the undercover cop having to sacrifice a life to preserve his cover was fascinating. Hal even has Adam Strange’s wife, Alanna convinced that Hal has gone rogue.

I’m still wondering what this ultimate asset is that Controller Mu is building. I’m wondering if will get an idea of this weapon anytime soon. Morrison may be using long-term build-up before he makes that reveal. I’m wondering if Controller Mu is really dead or if he is more powerful than we could have imagined. I don’t believe that a laser blast from Alanna will do the trick but she was hardcore for pulling the trigger without any hesitation. Alanna is a mother that will do anything so ensure the safety of her child. Maybe we will see more of Adam Strange and family in the future.

I’m not exactly clear on what happened at the end of this issue. Hal, backed up by the Guardians seemingly uses a tremendous amount of energy to absorb the bomb that was activated by Controller Mu. It seems like Hal loses himself in the process. Morrison is also setting up a classic and obscure villain for Hal to confront next issue.

Liam Sharp continues to kill it with his art every month. The desperation depicted in Adam Strange’s face, and the despair on Hal Jordan’s face was highlights in this issue. I’m not sure what Grant Morrison has up his sleeve for next issue, but Liam Sharp’s depiction of the world inside Hal’s power ring is fascinating and has me intrigued about what happens next.

Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman

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Hal Jordan has to kill Adam Strange to maintain his cover as a Blackstar. Hal saves Adam Strange but blows his cover in the process, putting the universe at stake. Hal apparently saves the universe, but disappears in the process. Where is Hal and will he know how to return to our universe?
  • Hal doing whatever it takes to maintain his cover
  • Alanna will do anything for her child
  • Strong art
  • Would have liked to see Hal stay undercover for a little while longer
Story - 8
Art - 9
Character Development - 9
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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