“What’s A God to a Non-Believer?” (Justice League Odyssey #8 Comic Review)

Justice League Odyssey #8 Comic Review

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Daniel Sampere

Inker: Juan Albarran

Colors: Ivan Plascencia

Cover: Carmine Di Giandomenico & Ivan Plascencia

Letterer: Andworld Design

Variant Cover: Toni Infante

Four Against The Dark

“What’s A God to a Non-Believer?”

What You Need to Know

Our dysfunctional team has tracked a wounded Darkseid to the planet Aeolon. Darkseid has decided to stop the manipulations and has pledged to be honest with the team regarding his plans for the Ghost Sector. While the team bickers with Darkseid, Blackfire and the Order of Azrael plan an all-out assault in an attempt to preserve their lives and the sector. Is Darkseid telling the truth? Will the team live long enough to find out?

What Just Happened

The issue starts with Blackfire and Rapture amassing their forces in preparation of an assault on the planet Aeolon, where our team of heroes and Darkseid are currently located. The team has Darkseid restrained in his weakened state. Darkseid continues to swear to the team that he will tell them the truth about his intentions but they do not believe him. Darkseid denies that he plans on harvesting the raw materials of the Ghost Sector to create New Apokolips, Darkseid states he only wants to preserve life itself. Darkseid admits that he does want to repower himself but only to be able to handle the stress of protecting the Ghost Sector. Darkseid goes as far as revealing the Other Box to the team. The Other Box reveals to the team the future of the Ghost Sector along with impending threats that are on the horizon. Darkseid reveals that the Other Box reached back in time to build up the mythologies of Cyborg, Starfire, and Azrael. Darkseid once again tells Jessica Cruz that she is nothing more than a tag-along.

Darkseid finally explains the purpose of the Sepulkore to the team and reveals that is a type of arc that will preserve life in the Ghost Sector. Darkseid requests the rest of the team’s assistance in harvesting the materials in the Ghost Sector needed to create Sepulkore. Starfire agrees to help but the rest of the team is hesitant.

While the team continues to bicker with Darkseid, Blackfire and Rapture’s forces descend upon them. The team is unprepared for the attack and is severely outnumbered. Darkseid is able to free himself and Cyborg chases him in order to subdue him again. Strangely, Darkseid and Cyborg are sucked into a boom tube created by the Other Box.

During the battle, a voice speaks to Azrael and possesses him. The voice within Azrael is able to talk down the forces of Azrael and Blackfire. Meanwhile, Cyborg is transported to the planet Epochrypha. Cyborg explores the planet and finds ruins labeled with Darkseid’s insignia. When Cyborg investigates, creatures that look like they have been corrupted by technology attack him

My Thoughts

Justice League Odyssey is a book that has dealt with issues since its inception. A delayed release, as well as a quick change of creative teams, has affected the consistency and quality of this book. The fact that this book continues to be moderately entertaining is a miracle within itself. This issue continues the dispute between a weakened Darkseid and our team of heroes. Darkseid reminds me of the snake in the Garden of Eden tempting our team of heroes with an apple. Even if Darkseid is telling the truth and he just wants to preserve life in the multiverse, I do not blame the team for being hesitant to trust him. This issue contains heavy exposition and dialogue, with Darkseid arguing with the Odyssey team for the whole issue. This heavy dialogue could get pretty dull for me in some areas. I’m ready for this book to advance this plot. I do appreciate Darkseid being characterized as wanting to repower himself and justifying it by saying it’s for the good of the multiverse.

I thought it was cool that the Other Box was used to reveal potential conflicts that may arise in future issues. The concept of the Sepulkore is still annoyingly complicated and I’m not invested in its completion as a story thread. Starfire being on board with Darkseid’s plan is interesting but fits her progression as a character in this book. Jessica Cruz being reminded that she is not important to this mission makes me believe that she will end up being integral to the plot of this book. Starfire was the first to be exposed to her worshippers and the first to be exposed to the Multiverse Key. Darkseid admitting that he is nothing without life was also an intriguing predicament that the character is dealing with. Blackfire and Rapture’s armies attacking the team and Darkseid seem like an excuse to add some action to a dialogue-heavy issue. I’m not sure what happens to Azrael in this issue but he may be experiencing the same issue that plagued Starfire and led to her power level fluctuating

It looks like next issue; Cyborg will have to experience what Darkseid experience in issues past. Cyborg will be facing a defense system left behind to stop Sepulkore from being completed. I wonder if Darkseid will come to his aid.

The art in this issue is solid. Daniel Sampere is solid as the artist for this issue. I do feel, however, that switching artists multiple times hurts the overall quality of the book. Hopefully, the book gets a permanent artist soon.

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Our team of heroes argues with Darkseid about whether he should be trusted in regards to maintaining the safety of the Ghost Sector. Starfire is ready to assist Darkseid, while the rest of the team wonders whether they should support their teammate. While the bickering occurs, Blackfire and Azrael prepare an attack that may end the teams quest one and for all.
  • Solid art
  • Too much dialogue, not enough plot advancement
Story - 7
Art - 8
Character Development - 7
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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