Mending Fences (Unstoppable Wasp #6 Comic Review)

Unstoppable Wasp #6 Review

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artists: Alti Firmansyah

Colorist: Espen Grundetjern

Cover Artist: Stacey Lee

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao

Unstoppable Wasp #6 cover by Stacey Lee

Previously in Unstoppable Wasp…

After a devastating attack on her & her friends’ labs by AIM, Nadia Van Dyne began to suffer a manic episode, attacking her friends before Priya is able to talk Nadia down, the latter finally realizing that she has inherited Bipolar Disorder from her father Hank Pym, and needs help…


Following the emotionally devastating events of the attack by AIM, a week later Nadia begins to seek out her friends in order to make amends for her actions against them. At the same time, Ying and her girlfriend Shay a preparing for a big step in their relationship, and Shay’s own life overall…

Nadia’s apology to Taina might be a tough sell…
(by Alti Firmansyeh & Espen Grundetjern

Opinions on story and art

This was a very, VERY fun, heartwarming read! A much welcome & needed upbeat after the wonderfully-crafted, emotional gut-punch that was reading the previous issue. Seeing Nadia begin to take steps to address her newfound awareness of her bipolar disorder is a very welcome sight (as is therapist Dr. Sinclair, last seen helping superhero Cindy Moon in Silk), and is yet another example of how this title handles depictions of mental health issues and treatment in a realistic manner. Other comics have tried to address this subject in the past, but few succeed to the degree that this series has and is with its content. I imagine readers experiencing this story will find Nadia’s behaviour and the comic’s treatment of her bipolar disorder very respectful.

This issue further develops not only Nadia but takes the time to give every one of her fellow G.I.R.L. members some development as well. Particularly inspiring moments for Taina, Ying and Shay are a standout, with some great dialogue for Alexis and Priya as well. The revival of this series has allowed for Jeremy Whitley to give more complexity to the supporting cast, and he’s not wasting any time in doing so. It makes reading this book an even more rewarding experience, and a more unique offering on comic-store stands as a result!

Alti Firmansyah and Espen Grundetjern take over art duties for this issue, and do so incredibly well! The vibrant, bright charm and cartoony expressions and body language present in the series thus far remain intact, allowing for said art-team change to feel less jarring. Firmansyah’s rounder pencils bring a lighter vibe to the story, as do Grundetern’s warm color choices, making the comic a very soothing read! Again, after issue #5 this is a very welcome feeling. While I do love Gurihiru’s work and look forward to seeing it in this title again, I’m equally hopeful that this art-team can return to draw more installments, perhaps even an annual issue of Unstoppable Wasp.

The ending of this issue was incredibly moving and well-crafted, it’s such a stand-out sequence I feel it’s worth the price of this comic alone!!

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
After being successfully resurrected, Unstoppable Wasp has proven why it’s one of the best series Marvel’s publishing time and time again, with this latest issue being no exception. Jeremy Whitley, Alti Firmansyah, Espen Grundetjern, Joe Caramagna deliver must-read mental health, LGBTQA+ rep and boatloads of charm. And like Nadia Van Dyne herself, it seems that there’s no limit to how good Unstoppable Wasp can get!
  • The more bright, witty tone of this issue is much needed and well-executed.
  • The supporting cast of this series all get great moments to shine and grow!
  • The artwork is so warm and cheery, like a hug from a close friend after a long day.
  • Standout depictions of mental health care and LGBTQA+ pride are very empowering.
  • There are none, seriously I can’t think of any “bad” content here.
Art - 10
Writing - 10
Plot - 10
Character Development - 10
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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  1. I loved it, too! This is one of the few modern comics I read. 🙂

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