Stormbreaker (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #37 Comic Review)


WRITTEN BY: Marguerite Bennett
COLORS BY: Walter Baiamonte
LETTERS BY: Ed Dukeshire
COVER BY: Jamal Campbell
VARIANT COVERS BY: Sean Galloway, Amelia Vidal, Lucas Werneck, Xermànico, Miguel Mercado, Diego Galindo
DESIGNER: Michelle Ankley
EDITOR: Dafna Pleban


You know that moment during a storm when you see what could’ve been a flash of lightning and you tense up, waiting for the crack of thunder that’s sure to follow to confirm your suspicions?

This issue is that crack of thunder.



Ellarien, upon seeing that her Solarix morpher is pulling towards a desperately needed power source, suggests taking the team to find out whether this untapped vortex energy is what they need to get home (or, at the very least, power their ship and morphers). This leads the Rangers to a forgotten, desolate planet full of Zeo crystals: what should be a positive thing, but Heckyl isn’t so sure.

Meanwhile, relationships are in a state of flux, both in positive and negative ways, specifically the ones between Ari and Remi, and Mike and Tanya. Romance aside, the uncertainty of where the team stands with one another may bring about its downfall sooner rather than later—a distraction they can’t afford, as evidenced by one hell of a cliffhanger, that’s for sure.



To say the art in this series is stunning is a massive understatement. I’m convinced most of this issue was penned just to let the artists flex on everybody else. Very little plot, but a whole lot of gorgeous panels to look at. Baiamonte continues to awe and astound with his colors and I found myself gasping aloud at several pages just for the appreciation of how pretty they were. I’m continually pleased with Simone Di Meo’s ability to capture ethnicity in terms of facial structure, something I felt lacked in the earlier issues.

Plotwise, this feels a bit like a midway point as opposed to a descent into darkness, which is both good and bad depending on your point of view. It definitely feels like the roll of thunder we’ve been bracing for during the intermission issues. It’s never fun to see our heroes are odds with each other but, as Tanya says in #36, they are human before they’re Rangers. (Well, most of them.)

As transitional as the issue comes across, there is a lot packed into those last couple of pages, and it certainly promises the next issue to be explosive, to say the least. Plus, all that pretty, pretty space art.

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Jasmine Brown

Jasmine Brown

Writer, artist, avid talker. Blerd.
In this rather emotionally charged issue, the Rangers travel to an abandoned, devastated planet brimming with vortex energy, where bonds are tested and challenged, and the calm finally gives way to the storm.
  • excellent coloring
  • creative visual storytelling via panel placement
  • emotionally charged, especially those last few pages
  • pacing felt a little off, with all the action happening at the back end of the issue. while this is effective in my opinion, it does read as expository and maybe a little boring.
Written by
Writer, artist, avid talker. Blerd.

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