Everything is a lie…Isn’t It? (Noble Volume #1 Trade Review)

Imagine you commit yourself to defeat what appears to be an unstoppable force. You know you might not come back alive but you know that it’ll save the entire planet. You fulfill your mission but survive…but you don’t remember anything about yourself and the event gave you extraordinary abilities. What would you do? Would you go to any lengths, even betray your core principles that you still remember to find out who you really are? That’s the story of David Powell as his story is told in the pages of Noble Volume #1 from Lion Forge Comics’s imprint Catalyst Prime! Is it a good read? Let’s talk about it.

Noble Volume #1 (Contains Issues #1-4)

Written By: Brandon Thomas

Art By: Jamal Igle, Robin Riggs, and Roger Robinson

Colored By: Juan Fernandez

Cover By: Juan Fernadez, and Roger Robinson


Catalyst Prime’s The Event:

In an effort to stop asteroid “Icarus” from colliding with the earth, the Foresight Corporation sends 5 brave astronauts on a mission to save the planet from total annihilation. The mission goes south, causing Icarus to rain down upon the Earth and cause death and new life for so many. It was believed that the mission was a failure and the astronauts didn’t make it home. But David Powell did…only he doesn’t believe that’s his name

This event is the start of the entire Catalyst Prime universe and is available for free on Comixology 

The Breakdown:

Astronaut David Powell is on the run from people he believes are out to use him for their own purposes. The Foresight Corporation, after the success of stopping the asteroid Icarus, is attempting to find Powell at all costs. The only problem is after surviving The Event (seriously read it), Powell has gained magnificent mental abilities. With the power of his mind. he is able to slow bullets, lift the heaviest object with a thought, fly and much more. He works to escape the corporation that he thought was out to save the world, and it’s CEO, Lorena Payan. One thing David didn’t count on is the other person following him, trying to bring him home. His ex-secret agent wife Astrid. With him not even believing his name is his own and just trying to do good for others while on this quest for survival and discovery, David Powell is a man whose mission is vital to who he truly is.




Opinions & Such:

One of the hardest things in the current comic book landscape is trying to be original in a world where things such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and countless different versions of Superman and Batman are present as well as the comics that inspire those movies being landmarks still for today’s readers. From cover to cover of the first free issue of Catalyst Prime, titled The Event (I’m gonna say it again go read it), you are immediately drawn in by a sense of originality and mystery with this secretive corporation and the race to try and save the world from this crisis. From there, with the baselines given for each of the characters, you venture into their solo books and Noble has made a significant impression as I read each issue. You see someone who is hurt by the even mention of his real name as he fights to find the answers of who he is. Not knowing how to fully deal with his abilities but still feeling compelled to protect the innocent along the way. Writer Brandon Thomas crafts this amazing tail that makes you hungry to read on and find out what lies next for Powell in the hopes that questions will be answered and if he will be reunited with his family, but also his true self.

If any gripes are to be had with this first volume is the length. Only the first 4 issues are included in this trade paperback and it leaves you wanting to know more. Issue 4 especially concludes and puts you in the mindset of “Really? Where do you go from there?” Which isn’t the worst thing especially if you want your readers to come back for what is going to happen next.


The art of the series by is very striking as it shows such things as Powell’s powers, gunfire, explosions, human expression, and basic movement. It gives the impression from the jump that this is an action book, but it’s not afraid to settle down and dispense the needed calm for certain scenes. The artwork perfectly keeps with the strong pace of Thomas’s writing as it brings you closer and closer to the truth behind the secrets.


The Future of Comics Books:

Catalyst Prime seems to have one aim in particular: To make a comic for everyone. Nothing screams that more loudly than a title like Noble that stars an African American man who is smart, a proud husband and father, and was an astronaut. Other titles like Summit show LGBT acceptance, Superb not only shows interracial teamwork but shows people on the autism spectrum can be heroes, too. The idea that there aren’t just stock white characters saving the day for “everyone,” is a breath of fresh air. Combine that with intriguing stories that pull you in and get you excited to turn each page, it leads to a future where their goal can easily be achieved. Everyone can find something they like with these multiple series and see themselves within the stories being told. Any publisher with an interconnected universe should strive to make the world like the one outside your door, and it very much appears that Catalyst Prime has cracked the code.

James Portis

James Portis

Editor-In Chief
The gay EIC of OCG, co-host of the comic book podcast Panel To Panel as well as the black nerd podcast Blerd Grounds. A longtime comic book, video game, D&D, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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With one single volume, I am hooked. The tale of David Powell is leading to interesting places. His drive to help people no matter the cost to himself even when he has nothing is such a powerful lesson for so many young Black men. This man who only grows stronger as he pieces together who he truly is can be a character easily becomes an icon in the realm of comic books. It is a great starting I highly recommend checking out this comic series because it is by far a great read.
  • Amazing narrative that keeps you on your toes
  • Characters that you want to follow see them succeed
  • Artwork that flows perfectly with the story
  • Very short first volume compared to other trades that include the first 6 issues
Story - 9.8
Artwork - 9.5
Written by
The gay EIC of OCG, co-host of the comic book podcast Panel To Panel as well as the black nerd podcast Blerd Grounds. A longtime comic book, video game, D&D, and MTG nerd Favorite Superhero is Aquaman...Fight Me

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