Lois and Clark: Superspies (Action Comics #1010 Comic Review)

Script by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art and Cover by: Steve Epting
Colors by: Brad Anderson
Letters by: Josh Reed
Variant Cover by: Francis Manapul
Associate Editor: Jessica Chen
Editor: Mike Cotton
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham

Action Comics #1010 Cover

After taking Jimmy Olsen and Amanda Waller to the Fortress of Solitude in the wake of Leviathan’s attack, Lois and Clark go undercover as Spyral spies to investigate the criminal organization.

This issue was action packed and felt like classic Superman. Lois and Clark have donned disguises as Andi and Chad—spies for a clandestine organization called Spyral. By going undercover, they hope to discover who is really behind Leviathan. Of course, along the way, they run into some snags and handle them in true Lois and Clark fashion. The banter between the two of them was well written and believable, and I enjoyed seeing them working together after so many months apart. This is a testament to how formidable of a team they have been for 81 years.

The art in this issue was also excellent. Anderson’s vibrant colors bring the story to life, and Epting continues to deliver captivating art that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie. The character designs for ‘Andi’ and ‘Chaz’ were just different enough to make you believe that Lois and Clark were different people, but their defining features were still there, reminding you that they’re just undercover.

Lois and Clark fly across the skies of London

This issue was incredibly fun. The mystery around Leviathan still remains, but (hopefully) it will be solved within the next issue. My only complaint is minor—although I’ve made clear that this return to the status quo of Lois and Clark working together is ultimately a great move, I would like to see some more regular acknowledgment that they are parents. Although Jon is featured heavily in the Superman title at the moment, a passing reference would go a long way to reinforce the fact that the Lane-Kent family isn’t going anywhere.

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Melissa Privette

Melissa Privette

Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.
Lois and Clark are undercover in London, digging for clues on who and what Leviathan is.
  • Beautiful art
  • Excellent banter between Lois and Clark
  • Entertaining premise
  • I wish Jon had gotten a mention--his involvement isn't necessary, but I do think that more could be done to stress that the status quo has changed; they are parents
  • Story wraps up too soon on a cliffhanger, but that is to be expected
Story - 9
Art - 10
Characterization - 10
Written by
Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.

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