“DuJour Means Crash Positions!!” (Domino: Hotshots #3 Comic Review)

Domino: Hotshots #3 Review

Writer: Gail Simone

Artists: David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer

Cover Artist: R.B. Silvia & Nolan Woodard

Variant Cover Artists: Kamome Shirahama

Colors: Jim Charalampidis

Letters: Clayton Cowels

Domino: Hotshots #3 cover by R.B. Silva Frank D’Armata

Previously in Domino: Hotshots…

After a mysterious artifact, the Creation Constellation, crashed in the Antarctic, Neena Thurman (Domino) alongside her Posse (Outlaw-Inez Templeton and Diamondback Rachel Leighton) are contacted by Black Widow to retrieve it. Joined by Silver Fox, Atlas Bear and Deadpool, the group of Hotshots struggle to work together as they’re targeted by a new player in this contest…Tony Stark.


Opening right where the previous issue left off, the Hotshots contend with the attack by Tony Stark’s Iron drones, while also struggling with trusting Black Widow, Silver Fox, and Atlas Bear. All while Outlaw, struck by the scientist infected with the Creation Constellation, continues to undergo a strange metamorphosis, making her less human, and more Celestial with every passing moment…

Opinions on story and art

This was another thrilling installment, amping up the tension from the previous issues and widening the scale of the threat the Creation Constellation poses right from the first page. All while balancing great moments of humour, some solid character work for Diamondback, Deadpool and Tony Stark. Every creative team working on a comic miniseries should look to this one for how to properly structure a miniseries.

The writing from Gail Simone remains very on-point, with the glimpses into both Rachel’s head and Deadpool’s being very effective. The added insight into Rachel via her narration through the issue is especially appreciated, as her character felt a bit like a cypher to me reading the previous Domino on-going series. We also get a brief peek into Tony Stark’s head in this issue, and given the upcoming issues of Tony Stark: Iron Man Gail Simone has written, it was fascinating to see how Gail characterizes him.

The art is once again superb, as David Baldeon continues to shine, with both more Celestial artwork from the first page (if/when Marvel relaunches the Eternals they should go to David to draw it), and an excellent two-page splash intercutting the reactions of the Hotshots as Atlas Bear’s ship is taken down by the Iron drones. It’s exquisite. Joining Baldeon on pencils this issue is Michael Shelfer, who previously provided pencils on a few issues of the Domino on-going series. His work blends with David’s pretty well, and the art duties for both men seem to be split right down the middle of the book. The change-over is well-handled and doesn’t feel jarring. Not an easy thing to do in the slightest!!

David Baldeon’s Celestials are STUNNING! (Domino: Hotshots #3 pg 1)

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
This miniseries continues to thrill and delight me in ways few other comics on the racks do! Gail Simone’s ability to juggle so many different characters’ voices is to be admired, as are David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer’s wonderful pencils. And the addition of Tony Stark is very entertaining (and I don’t enjoy the rich billionaire very often)!
  • Insight into Rachel and Wade is very welcome
  • David Baldeon’s rendering of cosmic/Celestial forces continues to stun me
  • Michael Shelfer handles pencils for his portion of the issue very effectively
  • Domino’s dog Pip hasn’t appeared in this issue, or the previous one.
Art - 10
Writing - 10
Plot - 10
Character Development - 10
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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