Time for a Star War (Superman #11 Comic Review)

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Ivan Reis
Inks: Joe Prado and Oclair Albert
Colors: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Josh Reed
Cover: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Alex Sinclair
Variant Cover: Adam Hughes
Associate Editor: Jessica Chen
Editor: Mike Cotton
Group Editor: Brian Cunningham

Superman #11 Cover

Previously, Clark and Jon traveled to space to find Jor-El. In this issue, they find themselves in the middle of a massive space battle. The two-page spread of the battle with all the different alien species fighting was extremely well done—along with Clark’s internal monologue taking stock of what is happening. There are a lot of good character moments for Clark in particular in this issue—for example, we get to see how diplomatic he is when settling a conflict, which is a quality that I find extremely compelling about Superman.

Superman #11 Variant

The art was top notch. Adam Hughes’s variant cover was one of my absolute favorites—I loved the reference to The Mechanical Monsters Fleischer cartoon. I also loved the little details such as Lois Lane on a screen in Metropolis’s version of Times Square. Prado and Albert’s inks brought Reis’s spectacular art in this issue to life. The art in this issue really felt immersive, as if you were really witnessing the battle firsthand.

The overall story was a little too slow for my tastes, and I felt that it was sacrificed for the action. Admittedly this is understandable, as this issue is building up to the next, but I would have preferred more story than we were given since much of this run has been about building up to the next big event. Without giving too much away, there also seemed to be an inconsistency in how a character from Supergirl was written here as opposed to the other book.

In summary, this issue was very much filler, but it was pretty filler, thanks to the art.

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Melissa Privette

Melissa Privette

Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.
Clark and Jon fly into a space battle during their search for Jor-El.
  • Beautiful art
  • Good Clark monologue throughout the issue
  • Meandering plot
  • Filler
  • Inconsistent writing with the Supergirl title
Story - 4
Art - 10
Characterization - 8
Written by
Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.

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