It’s time to imagine a different ending (Justice League 24 Comic review)

Justice League #24

Plot: Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez

Words: Scott Snyder

Art: Jorge Jimenez

Colors: Alejandro Sanchez

Letters: Tom Napolitano

Justice League #24 Cover

When this arc last left off a lot of pieces were moving in interesting directions. The current day Justice League were rescued from the future Legion of Doom while trying to escape Apokolips. Batman decided to remove the suns from Superman’s “prison” effectively dooming him to being trapped forever. Finally, Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat-Mite were in the middle of a battle that was literally erasing the universe. This arc could have been an event in and of itself (far more than Drowned Earth) and this next issue continues to run forward.

This issue continues on its path toward the conclusion (ending two issues from now at #25) and things continue to get more and more dire. This is a comic where just when you think things are about to get better, things fall apart. The story opens again with Superman and a flashback to him raising Jon. It is a thematic storytelling element that really gives the reader a reason to understand where Superman stands in all of this. He may be trapped but he can never lose hope. The Future Legion of Doom and the current Justice League have a bulk of the issue. It brings some interesting humor, as well as action, to the book. It is also in this issue that Batman seems to make his final decision regarding helping The World Forger and the pay off there not only ties the stories together but ends on one hell of a cliffhanger.

Tim’s Thoughts
Scott Snyder continues to impress me with this storyline. I admit I am a sucker for time travel and alternate universes, so everything about this book is fun for me. There is a moment where the Legion of Doom has a send-off for the Justice League that perfectly describes why Snyder is such a gifted writer. In one small moment, there is characterization, drama, and humor. Also, not many people can make, “Superman jumps on a rock forever,” interesting but Snyder can. He uses Superman’s plight to really break down why Superman is so iconic and important. Moreso than anything else he has written for the character, the few pages each issue in this arc have been essential reading for any Superman fan. The description of the symbolic grey kryptonite is beautiful and really gets to the heart of what can affect him. But again, for every moment of weight comes a moment of levity. This comic is an emotional rollercoaster in a short 20 pages. And when you are done you are going to want 20 more.

Jorge Jimenez is a godsend. I feel like every issue I just repeat myself here but he manages to pull off some new tricks again. The flashback of Superman and his son is paced so perfectly and captures what it means to be a father and part of a family. A few pages later Darkseid is driving a spaceship towards a portal in outer space. That is one artist juggling themes and styles and pacing them together as few others could. There is nothing more I need to say.

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This event is continuously impressing me. I feel like it is more of a “Crisis” level DC comic than anything else on the stands right now. Justice League is one of the must buy books if you are into DC.
  • Jorge Jimenez
  • Scott Snyder knows how to pace a story
  • The Legion of Doom send off

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