“Bird of Prey” (Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 Comic Review)

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #6 Comic Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Artist: Javier Garron

Colorist: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: Marco D’Alfonso

Variant Cover: Yoon Lee

“Bird of Prey”

What You Need To Know

Miles Morales has a new problem on his hand, as he does not know if Starling is friend or foe. Plus Tombstone has graduated from buying abducted superkids to outfitting his gang with high-tech weaponry. Can Miles stop Tombstone from flooding the streets with powerful weapons? Will he have to take down Starling to do so?

What Just Happened

This issue picks up where last issue left off. Miles surveys the damage that Starling has left at Tombstone’s safe house. Starling assumes that Miles works for Tombstone and a brief fight ensues. Miles is able to convince Starling that he is also looking to stop Tombstone. Starling informs Miles that she has been tracking Tombstone from her hometown of Detroit. Miles realizes that Starling has brutalized Tombstone’s henchman with no remorse. Despite Starling’s harsh methods, Miles and Starling decide to team up to take down Tombstone.

At school Miles and Ganke discuss his infatuation with Starling, but are interrupted by Sean who continues to try to instigate problems with both boys. Vice Principal Dutcher intervenes and singles out Miles as the troublemaker. Later in the day, Barbara confronts Miles and demands that he come clean with whatever secret he is hiding from her. Miles refuses to reveal that he is Spider-Man to her, and she walks away from him.

Later that night, Miles and Starling meet to infiltrate Tombstone’s penthouse. This time, Tombstone engages them with one of his high-tech guns. Starling is able to grab Tombstone and almost kills him by dropping him from the sky. Miles attaches himself to Tombstone, forcing Starling to rescue both of them. The police arrive and arrest Tombstone and his crew. Starling reveals to Miles that she is the granddaughter of Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. Starling asks Miles to share his story with her but once again he is apprehensive towards revealing his secrets. Starling states she will be staying in New York. Miles asks for Starling’s phone number but Starling leaves him after he refuses to reveal his secret identity.

Miles is able to take a file from Tombstone’s penthouse that he analyzes in his room. Miles finds information on the file that leaves him with a lot of questions. The type of questions that can only be answered by his Uncle Aaron aka The Prowler.

My Thoughts

Saladin Ahmed continues to carve out Brooklyn as Miles Morales’ personal corner of the Marvel Universe. Ahmed continues to establish Miles as the modern Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as he fights to keep the streets of Brooklyn safe. Spider-Man is back on the trail of Tombstone and this time he has to deal with the vigilante, Starling. Ahmed characterizes Starling as an interesting foil for Miles. Starling is hotheaded and impulsive where Miles is analytical and measured. Starling is ruthless and is not bothered by collateral damage where Miles is weary of losing control and hurting people. The relationship that is established by these two characters was the highlight of the book.

Miles’ school environment continues to get attention in this book as well. Sean continues to be positioned as Miles’ Flash Thompson and Vice Principal Dutcher can be seen as his version of J. Jonah Jameson. On top of that, Miles’ relationship with his maybe-girlfriend Barbara seems to be falling apart. Barbara knows Miles is hiding something from her but Miles refuses to risk her safety by telling her he is Spider-Man. Miles’ weariness over his secret identity has already affected his relationship with Starling as well as there is an obvious attraction between the characters, but the mutual interest cannot be built upon because Miles will not tell Starling whom he really is. Starling’s reveal that she is the granddaughter of The Vulture was also interesting but also sort of an unnecessary link to Peter Parker and his rouge gallery.

The art for this continues to be impressive. Javier Garron continues to draw this book with a youthful exuberance that is evident on every page. The colors by David Curiel are also vivid and compliment Garron’s art style. I’m very interested to see where Ahmed takes Miles next as it seems his favorite Uncle will be appearing back in his life. What is Uncle Aaron’s connection to Tombstone?

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Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman

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Another solid entry in the adventures of Miles Morales has been completed. Miles meets a new potential friend or foe in Starling. Starling may even become more than a friend to Miles in the future, especially with Barbara seemingly not wanting anything to do with Miles. After taking down Tombstone, Miles will now tend to some family business.
  • Miles sacrificing relationships to preserve his secret identity
  • Strong art
  • Starling is a kick-ass character
  • Starling has an unnecessary backstory
  • Overall story is not very engaging
Story - 7
Art - 8.5
Character Development - 7.5
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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