The Adventures of Superman Redux (Superman: Leviathan Rising #1 Comic Review)

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis, Greg Rucka, Matt Fraction, and Mark Andreyko

Artists: Yanick Paquette, Mike Perkins, Steve Lieber, Eduardo Pansica and Júlio Ferreira

Colors: Nathan Fairbairn, Paul Mounts, and FCO Plascencia

Letters: Dave Sharpe, Simon Bowland, Clayton Cowles, Tom Napolitano, and ALW’s Troy Peteri

Cover: Paquette and Fairbairn

Associate Editor: Jessica Chen

Editor: Mike Cotton

Group Editor: Brian Cunningham

Superman: Leviathan Rising #1 Cover

After the events of Action Comics #1011, in which Lois and Clark were investigating Leviathan, the story culminates in the Leviathan event encompassing the entire DC universe. In this maxi issue, Clark decides to take a page out of the Lois Lane playbook and do some hardcore investigative journalism that involves allowing himself to be kidnapped. As one would expect, chaos ensues. I should note that this issue has two tie-ins in which we get a glimpse of the Lois Lane series as well as the Jimmy Olsen series that will both be released this summer.

I found the pacing in this issue to be just right, though a lot happens off the page that we as readers don’t get to see. Needless to say, not having the whole story is disappointing, but I have gotten used to information being withheld for the benefit of suspense. Here, it makes more sense, and we do get to see Lois, Clark, and Jimmy each go off and do their own thing. Each individual story is serving the overall narrative, and by the time you finish reading the book, you feel like you have most of the pieces to have a general idea of what’s going on.

I loved that Clark took inspiration from Lois’s work when he was coming up with his plan. I don’t think that it was a particularly good plan, but the thought was nice, and another reminder that his wife is the best journalist in the DC Universe. I also appreciated how other characters in this issue acknowledged her skill multiple times because I do think that it’s something that can be lost in the constant clash of metahumans, aliens, and monsters.

Rucka and Perkins’s part of the story was excellent, and I am even more excited about the upcoming miniseries. The art and story both remind me of Gotham Central, and there’s a gritty noir feel to the art that complements this kind of narrative really well. It was refreshing to get inside of Lois Lane’s head (something that I believe enhances any Superman story) and to see what makes her tick.

Fraction and Lieber’s Jimmy Olsen segment was a bit more whimsical, with shades of the Silver Age sprinkled in for good measure. Full disclosure: Jimmy has never been my favorite, but it was a fun read. The banter between him and Lois was good and reminded me of The Adventures of Superman (both the original and the 1990’s Lois and Clark series). I am pleased that these last few issues of Action have featured him and Lois working alongside Superman.

The Supergirl portion felt a bit briefer, but it was great to see Kara sort of decompress in the lead up to the main action of the Leviathan event. She has, after all, been off planet for quite some time. The art in this segment was brilliant as always.

I thought that the art, in general, was great, and it was nice to see a showcase of the different styles for each line in the Superman office. One touch that I absolutely loved was Lois’s laptop sticker, which read: “This machine kills fascists.”

All in all, I very much enjoyed this giant issue, and think it does a fairly good job of setting up the event. The highlights were certainly the tie-ins to the Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen series. I’m very excited to see what happens with Leviathan and hope that we will finally have a straight answer to what they are and what they’re after soon.

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Melissa Privette

Melissa Privette

Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.
The mystery of Leviathan continues in this epic giant special.
  • The Lois Lane story was fire
  • Great art
  • Good pacing overall and story was gripping
  • Some more answers would be great
Art - 10
Story - 10
Characterization - 10
Written by
Melissa is a recovering accountant and an aspiring attorney with a love for comics who wants to be Lois Lane when she grows up.

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