Welcome to the Neighborhood (Fantastic Four #10 Comic Review)


Writer- Dan Slott

Artists- Paco Medina with Kevin Libranda

Color Artist- Jesus Aburtov

Letterer- VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist- Esad Ribic

Variant Cover Artist- Bill Sienkiewicz


This issue is a tie-in with Marvel’s latest event, War of the Realms.  Aside from the event stuff we also get to see a bit of what life is like for the Fantastic Four now that they’re back together.


I really enjoyed reading with this issue.  I have liked the series so far, but this is definitely the issue I’ve had the most fun reading.  It has a really nice energy that I hope carries into the rest of the series.  I feel like part of why this issue works for me is that story-wise, we’ve finally moved past Reed and Sue having been gone for so long.  We’ve gotten them back, we’ve dealt with where they’ve been, and we’ve gotten to see them work with Ben and Johnny again.  Now they can just be the Fantastic Four again.  We can get stories about them being a family that goes on adventures

I am excited about this.  It’ll be great to see them go on crazy sci-fi adventures again.

Something else that I really liked about this issue was the sense of community and belonging.  The gang has just moved to Yancy Street and, the kids especially, are having a hard time adjusting.  This is where Ben is from though and he’s been living there for a while now.  These are his people and he makes a conscious effort to bring his family and his community together.  Which I really like.  In fact it is my favorite thing about this series so far.

Community is something that has always been important in my life.  So, I really enjoy it when the characters I read about get to be a part of one.  In this issue we get to see the Fantastic Four become a part of a community.  They meet everyone in the neighborhood and when shit hits the fan everyone comes together to help defend the neighborhood.  It doesn’t matter how big and scary the problem is, no one is going to face it alone.  That meant a lot to me.


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Sarah Bieniek

Sarah Bieniek

I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.
I had a lot of fun reading this issue. It has great energy that I hope carries through to future issue. There are lots of moments that are just fun and exciting. It also has some themes that really speak to me.
  • The art is great
  • I love the overall feel of the issue
Written by
I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.

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