“God of The Unworthy” (War of The Realms #6 Comic Review)

War of The Realms #6 Comic Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Russell Dauterman

Colors: Matthew Wilson

Cover: Arthur Adams & Matthew Wilson

Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Variant Covers: Giuseppe Camuncoli & Elia Bonetti; Terry & Rachel Dodson; Victor Hugo; Mike Del Mundo; Irina Nordsol; Luke Ross & Edgar Delgaldo with Mike Hawthorne

The Storm of Thors

“God of The Unworthy”


What You Need to Know

The War of The Realms is nearing its conclusion with the fate of the Ten Realms hanging in the balance. Malkeith is already claiming victory even though the heroes of the realms have defeated some of his nefarious allies. Malkeith feels confident due to his newest weapon, the Venom Symbiote. Malkeith also has Odin and Freyja held hostage in an attempt to draw Thor out into a final battle with the numbers not in his favor. Will Thor take the bait, or does the God of Thunder earn his moniker and win this war?

What Just Happened

This issue picks up from last issue with Thor nailed to the World Tree growing from the sun. Thor sacrifices his eye and the last remaining piece of Mjolnir for knowledge regarding how to defeat Malkeith and end the war. Thor is granted wisdom that gives him an idea of how to turn the tide of the War of the Realms.

At the Asgard at the End of Time, Thor’s granddaughters are reading about the outcome of War of The Realms. They notice that Thor’s plan to win the war involved time travel and the involvement of “Fantastic” friends. As the children try to comprehend what they read, The Thing and Mr. Fantastic appear from a portal looking for Old King Thor. King Thor arrives and states he is ready for war. Thor has also recruited Young Thor, as he believes that since he is the key to winning the war, then he needs “More Thors”. Jane Foster also appears wielding the War Thor hammer, as she is once again the Goddess of Thunder.

Back on Midgard, The Punisher coordinates Earth’s heroes in battle against the Frost Giants. Captain America and Black Panther urge King Laufey to stand down, but Laufey instead swallows the Casket of Ancient Winters and freezes most of Earth’s heroes with his Blizzard Breath, leaving Daredevil as the only hero left standing. Daredevil throws Heimdall’s sword at Laufey but Laufey swallows it

At Stonehenge the “Storm of Thors” arrive to confront Malkeith and free Freyja and Odin. Malkeith has turned Venom’s symbiote into a Venom Blade to kill the Thor. The Thors split up to take down Malkeith and his forces. While multiple battles rage on through the Ten Realms, in the depths of space a powerful storm is brewing. Malkeith takes Thor’s last hammer and corrupts it with his magic. Jane Foster saves Thor from being killed by Malkeith. Thor keeps Malkeith from destroying Jane’s War Hammer and decides to fight Malkeith with his bare hands. Young Thor feels the storm approaching. The storm reveals Thor’s true plan, the revival of Mjolnir. Thor is worthy once more and strikes Malkeith down.

Jane throws her war hammer at Laufey and Loki uses Heimdall’s shield to cut his way out of Laufey’s gut. Young Thor uses his ax to cut off Malkeith’s arm. Malkeith tries to sick his dogs on the Thors, but they smell his fear and attack and dismember him instead. The war has ended and the heroes of the Ten Realms are victorious.

In the aftermath of the war, Malkeith’s dark magic has fixed the mind of the Venom symbiote. The war hammer has turned into a gauntlet that has fused onto Jane’s arm. Odin grants Thor the title of All-Father of Asgard.

My Thoughts

Marvel’s big event gets a conclusion that is on par with a summer blockbuster movie. The final issue of this event provides the explosive ending that lives up to the title of “War of The Realms”. Thor has lost and sacrificed so much during the lead up to this event, and he is willing to give up the last few things that remind him that he was once worthy. Jason Aaron continues to craft a modern Thor tale for the ages and continues to tie in previous Thor stories he has crafted into current events. Thor recruiting the past and future Thors is a love letter to his run on this book. The icing on the cake is the return of Jane Foster as Thor for one last battle. Marvel has plans for Jane Foster, but it was awesome seeing her in battle as the Goddess of Thunder.

Since this has always been a Thor story at the end of the day, Midgard’s heroes take a backseat to the “Storm of Thors”. We still get some cool moments from Earth’s mightiest however. Punisher uses his military combat experience to organize Earth’s heroes in battle. Captain Marvel uses a souvenir from Sindr in battle and reminds us why she is Earth’s Mightiest Hero. Daredevil combines his newfound Godlike powers with his experience as the protector of Hell’s Kitchen to fight the King of the Frost Giants.

Jason Aaron nails the interactions between all the Thors. Aside from Jane Foster, all the Thors are the same person, but the different stages of their lives put them at odds which leads to hilarity. Young Thor seeing Jane Foster wielding the war hammer and wondering why he didn’t have a hammer was hilarious. Another standout moment was King Thor explaining craft beers to Young Thor. The back and forth between Young Thor and Old King Thor in general was a highlight for me.

Malkeith remained menacing even though the tide was turning in the war. Using the Venom Symbiote as a weapon was very creative and it stealthily sets up for the Absolute Carnage event. Malkeith mocked and toyed with Thor throughout the final battle and wanted to humiliate Thor by perverting the only weapons he has known. Even when Malkeith was defeated, he would not yield. Malkeith even garners some sympathy because due to his upbringing, all he knows is pain and suffering. Malkeith’s bloodthirsty ways proved to be his undoing.

The art for this even remains beautiful. Russell Dauterman has been on fire throughout this whole series and he brings his A+ game to the finale of War of the Realms. Blizzard breathing Frost Giants, symbiote fused dark elves, god imbued heroes, and Gods of Thunder all look larger than life thanks to Dauterman’s pencils and Matthew Wilson’s colors. Arthur Adams covers remain outstanding as well but this issue’s cover may be my favorite of the series.

As the smoke clears and the battle ends, major revelations are revealed or alluded to. The God of Mischief returns to the land of the living is not surprising and pretty much what I expected, especially now that he has his own series starting pretty soon. I’m interested to see what the future holds for Jane Foster, but I know she is proven to be a powerful hero in her own right with or without the power of Thor. Thor finally proves he is not only worth of Mjolnir, but all of Asgard and he finally is given the throne by Odin. With Aaron’s run on Thor ending soon, I’m excited to see how he sets up the new status quo for Thor for the next team to take him on.

Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman

Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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Thor summons Thors of past, present, and future to turn the tide of the War of The Realms. Malkeith, however, is more powerful than ever thanks to the Venom Symbiote. While Earth’s Mightiest Heroes hold the line on Midgard, The Storm of Thors look to rain thunder on Malkeith and his forces and end the war once and for all.
  • Impressive finish to Marvel's latest event
  • Storm of Thors
  • Jane Foster!
  • Beauftiful art
  • Midgard's heroes are relegated to supporting characters
Story - 10
Art - 10
Character Development - 10
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Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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