Personal Growth (Unstoppable Wasp #10 Comic Review)

Unstoppable Wasp #10 Review

Writer: Jeremy Whitley

Artists: Gurihiru

Cover Artist: Stacey Lee

Letters: Joe Caramagna

Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao

Unstoppable Wasp #10 cover by Stacey Lee

Previously in Unstoppable Wasp…

As the long-awaited day of the G.I.R.L. Expo arrived, Nadia’s mother called saying that she was in the building, thus leading Nadia to rush off to meet her, while A.I.M arrived and attacked Nadia’s friends and began stealing all of the technology on display!! As Nadia reached her mother, it was revealed that she was really a shapeshifter, posing as Nadia’s mother!! Meanwhile, Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) and Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) made their way through a Russian Red Room outpost looking for information on Ying’s parentage…


After a brief opening sequence of Bobbi and Bucky escaping the Red Room base (having triggered a swarm of robots left behind), Nadia tries to give chase to the shapeshifter Fantasma, Fantasma knocks out Alexis and Janet. The duplicitous doppelganger is about to kill Alexis, only for Nadia to overload Fantasma’s suit, causing it shut down. After a few brief cutaways showing Nadia’s friends rescuing one another, a fight between Nadia and Finesse & Seeker breaks out, only for Ying to cut it short with a potted-plant to Finesse’s face. As the rest of the G.I.R.L.s are able to take down Rappaccini’s forces, the AIM mastermind attempts to flee using a portal to LA, blowing it up as she leaves…

Shay & Ying get close in a tense moment (from Gurihiru, issue #10 pg 5)

Opinions on story and art

The final issue of this wonderful series has arrived. I admit I’m heartbroken having typed those words. I have loved this series to pieces, from the moment the first number one issue hit the stands back in January 2017. That initial series only lasted eight issues. But miraculously (and thanks in no small part to high sales of the trade-paperback collections and digital sales), the series was given new life. I cannot undersell how rare this is for a Marvel title with such a short run to be given new life like this.

And thus the series started anew last fall. And it’s been nothing short of absolute privilege and delight to review this new volume. Seeing writer Jeremy Whitley, artists Gurihiru & Alti Firmansyah (along with colorist Espen Grundetjern) and letterer Joe Caramagna being able to weave new tales and backstories for not only Nadia but her family at Genius In action Research Labs has been one of the absolute highlights for me not only as a fan, but as a writer for this site. 

This series closes out with one of the best issues of Unstoppable Wasp ever, providing a satisfying conclusion to the previous issue’s cliffhanger, alongside resolutions to Nadia and friends’ own journeys. The writing and dialogue remain top-notch, as does Gurhiru’s art (seeing Nadia grow is a particularly powerful & fun moment), and the lettering from Joe Caramagna is just as crisp and clear as ever. 

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Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!
I have treasured reading every new issue of this series Marvel has released. Unstoppable Wasp has been a very empowering, well-thought & constructed tale, showing the glory of science, the very real struggle those with bipolar disorder live with (and that it IS possible to live happily and healthy lives with said diagnosis), and acceptance of people of all walks of life. This issue, and indeed this series, is in my opinion, the best on-going title Marvel has published in years, and a must-read for any and every comic book fan.
  • All of the plot-threads from this series (& character-arcs) feel satisfyingly concluded
  • Every member of G.I.R.L gets at least one moment to shine in this final issue
  • The epilogue is one of the most heartwarming of any final-issue I’ve ever read.
Art - 10
Writing - 10
Plot - 10
Character Development - 10
Written by
A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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