“Be that Chaos” (Domino: Hotshots #5 Review)

Domino: Hotshots #5 Review

Writer: Gail Simone

Artists: David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer

Cover Artist: R.B. Silvia & Nolan Woodard

Colors: Jim Charalampidis

Letters: Clayton Cowels

Domino: Hotshots #5 cover by R.B. Silva & Federico Bee

Previously in Domino: Hotshots…

After successfully winning Tony over to her plan, Domino, alongside her Posse Outlaw, Diamondback, and temporary allies Deadpool, Black Widow, Atlas Bear, and White Fox continue to track down the Creation Constellation. Outlaw, and later Domino, Diamondback and Deadpool are all exposed to the devices energies, and soon start to transform. A fight breaks out among the group, though it is eventually ended with White Fox’s departure from the team. The rest of the Posse is able to track down the device (bound to scientist Mazarov), and Domino tragically kills him in order to free him from the Creation Constellation’s influence. With the mission seemingly over, the team relaxes, until Mazarov’s partner Dr. Geun arrives, powered by the device, and thirsty for revenge…


Picking up right where the previous issue concluded, the Posse stares down Dr. Geun, as she screams out her desire to kill Domino and the others for killing the man she loves. The group tries to take Dr. Geun down, but she proves much too powerful for their combined might, knocking the entire team back. Just as Dr. Geun moves to deliver the killing blow to Domino, Silver Fox returns, holding the Creation Constellation. She reveals that only one person can save them all from Geun’s rampage, and that person is Domino, tossing the device into Neenas hands…

Opinions on story and art

This was incredibly gorgeous, witty, and moving storytelling, closing out this miniseries with style and flair! 

The writing from Gail Simone remains absolutely top-notch, delivering her trademark dialogue and plotting that always provide a smooth, easy-to-follow reading experience. The issue itself mostly focuses on the confrontation with Guen and the insight into Domino’s mind. As this issue once again focuses on Domino’s narration (after the previous one provided some insight into White Fox’s mind), we get a very clear picture on who Neena Thurman is, and what it is she ultimately wants out of life. This issue really highlights how driven and compassionate Domino is and shows how exceedingly well Gail Simone understands her as a character. 

The artwork delivers awe, heart and humour all in equal balance, as pencillers David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer craft one of the best action sequences I’ve seen in a Marvel comic in quite a while! The scale and terror of Guen’s amplified form is indescribable, and the reader feels every devastating swing she strikes against the Posse ad the boat they’re on is shaken to splinters from the impact. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again when Marvel puts out a new Eternals on-going, David Baldeon is absolutely the first artist they should ask to draw it. Of equal visual splendour is the trip through Domino’s mind as she’s empowered by the Creation Constellation, and through Shelfer and Baldeon’s pencils, appears more powerful, and more vulnerable in this change. The artwork in this issue (and the miniseries overall) really demonstrate how absolute power strips one’s humanity to absolutely nothing. Seeing Domino maintain her own after being empowered by the device is incredibly inspiring and moving. And the more humorous visuals of this miniseries are given time to shine as well (Domino the Barbarian might be my favourite comic-panel ever)! 

David Baldeon captures Kirby-level cosmic might & terror (Domino: Hotshots issue #5 pg 3)

Colorist Jim Charalampidis delivers all of the energy every panel requires, from the perfect blacks and greens of the Kirby-krackle throughout the fight sequences to the dark and moody muted colours of Neena’s visions and where they lead, the book’s colouring always fits the mood and tone of every sequence. 

The lettering from Clayton Cowles is just as perfectly chosen for this title as ever, capturing Domino’s voice through the narration boxes perfectly, alongside the high-energy, yet alien sounds of the impacts from Geun (and later Domino)’s fists. The lettering is never distracting, and always enhances the reading experience!

Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron

A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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This miniseries (alongside the creative team's time with Domino) comes to a close, in a very fun, funny, and emotionally-charged finale. Gail Simone, David Baldeon, Michael Shelfer, Jim Charalampidis and Clayton Cowles deliver action, dialogue, pathos and charm that can’t be beaten. This miniseries has felt like one beautiful love-letter to Jack Kirby, with this issue being the wonderful Xs and Ox at the end!
  • David Baldeon and Michael Shelfer’s art continues to capture the power and awe of Jack Kirby’s with the Creation Constellation
  • Pip the dog appears (and is as adorable as ever)
  • The miniseries concludes in a very satisfying, heartfelt manner!
  • There isn’t too much plot in this issue
  • More Diamondback making out with Deadpool was wanted
Art - 9.5
Writing - 10
Plot - 9
Character Development - 10
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A comic-loving doofus eager to see the worlds on the page reflect the wonderfully diverse world we all share!

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