JSA Rebirth (Justice League #31 Comic Review)

Justice League #31

Writer: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV

Artist: Jorge Jimenez

Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez

Letters: Tom Napolitano

After last issue being mostly a set up, The Justice/Doom War gets the ball rolling here. Previously The League had been split up into three teams. One team in the past that has now encountered the JSA. Another team was sent to the future and meets up with Kamandi in a post apocalyptic world. The final team is in the present in order to be a relay point and communication hub. The two time travelling teams are looking for pieces of The Totality. In is in this comic that the actual twists and turns of the event make themselves clear. 

The Justice League and the Justice Society is the meeting that most people will come to this comic for. There are hints that something has missed with the timeline, and The Flash even mentions he vaguely remembers something about a JSA (which makes sense given that a Flash is usually at the centre of these kind of stories). To add more to the story it is revealed the Justice League arrived in the past on December 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor. In the future the team works with Kamandi to try and take on Brainiac who has captured different timelines, the same way he does with worlds in previous comics. The team attempts to jump from captured timelines in order to gain the piece of Totality. There are more interesting events regarding the Legion of Doom and the issue’s cliffhanger, that are better left read than explained. 

Tim’s Thoughts
I have a real soft spot for both the JSA and Kamandi, so this issue really hit me hard. It was great to see the team back after a long absence since the New 52. Scott Snyder and Tynion IV seem to be having a lot of fun writing for the characters and I hope we get to see more from them after this arc. The meeting between the two teams is really fun. They do a great job of introducing the team to new readers and letting old fans have some great moments. Considering the set up is at the precipice of the American involvement in WW2 I think there is some really interesting things to still come. The moments in the future with Kamandi take a different pace. The writing team here have the fantastic idea of having Brainiac capture timelines rather than just worlds. It is a new adjustment to the characters powers that really make him far more interesting. Between the storylines of the book it is really well balanced and never exhausts the reader. There is a lesson in leaving the reader at the peak of the story so they want to read more and this issue is a masterclass in this. Every single thread is left right when you want to know more jumping from climax to climax. I did not talk about the Legion of Doom’s part in the issue as it would spoil some really big twists in the story. Their mission is now becoming clear and seems to put some real changes in the DC Universe. They also build to an ending that would be almost impossible to see coming and I cannot wait for issue #32.

Jorge Jimenez has been praised by me, and others, over and over again. He is the perfect artist for this book as he can handle the team dynamics and various styles easily. The shift in tone from storyline to storyline is matched in his art. The pages in the future just feel different than the pages in the past, yet they work together as a whole. I can also tell Jimenez is having a blast drawing the JSA and their personalities jump off the page. Hopefully we see more of his art and that team together in the future as well. 

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This issue has been long awaited by fans. The JSA has returned and the first hints to why they were gone start to become clear. The Justice/Doom War is shaping up to be one excited arc and something readers of the DC Universe shouldn’t miss.

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