As long as I’m in here, I’m Okay (Guardians of the Galaxy #10 Comic Review)

Guardians of the Galaxy #10

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Cory Smith

Inker: Victor Olazaba

Colors: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

The crazy cult, led by Peter Quill’s father, finally revealed who they have been trying to raise. Rather than it being Magus, this time it is Drax the destroyer. Peter is still in captivity of the cult, while the rest of the Guardians have found Magus on an unknown planet. Rocket Raccoon has returned by is dying, thankfully he has a giant kick ass mech to keep him in the battle. Basically everything about Marvel Cosmic has been flipped on its head as the team tries to navigate the new status quo.

Nearing the end of the entire Guardians of the Galaxy title, things are starting to wrap up. How Magus arrived on his current planet is explained. It seems that even though this a kinder version of the character, he is no less deadly. Rocket Raccoon’s deterioration is highlighted further here, and he really needs his mech suit to live. The Drax reveal from the last issue shows that this is not exactly the same version of the character that readers know. A vast majority of the cocoons open and it is easy to see how that many Draxes could be quite the weapon for the cult to wield. The team does attempt to rescue Peter Quill and the outcome of that leads to am ending that really puts in place what these last two issues might cover.

Tim’s Thoughts
Cates knows how to write a story with no fat on it. Everything just moves perfectly, and even though a lot is explained and major events occur, it still feels fast paced. This is a comic you don’t want to end, and that is the best a piece of media can ask for. His explanation of Magus is quick and to the point, yet still horrific and unnerving. I am loving this new take on Rocket Raccoon that somehow retains all the dark sarcastic wit that has made him a pop culture icon, while pairing him with a really upsetting narrative as he slowly dies. It also helps that the comic moves from the gut punch of seeing Rocket on his deathbed into him crawling into a badass mech. Cates just understands how to create material that brings you through an emotional roller-coaster, never exhausting the reader on one point. This is a book you can laugh, cry, and cheer at, depending what page you land on. It is too bad that in two more issues Donny’s time with the title, and the book in general, is finished. Again the only nitpick I have is Moondragon has still not been explained or developed. She has no apparent purpose in this book. In a team book I want to care for and understand every single member.

Cory Smith continues to knock this book out of the park. Again, he is able to match the varied tones and moods of the story with ease. Every panel of Rocket out of his mech feels painful to look at, and every battle is kinetic and impactful. There is not much to say that I haven’t already repeated over and over again in all my reviews so far. I love the way this book looks.

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The Guardians of the Galaxy, and their new title, is almost at an end. Thankfully, this comic has moved from strength to strength as each arc has been better than the last. Rocket Racoon’s reintroduction into the series has been the biggest point of joy and sorrow and it is impossible not to want to see how this plays out.
  • Amazing art
  • Rocket Racoon
  • Cates is able to pack a lot in a short book
  • I still have no idea who Moon Dragon is and refuse to use wikipedia

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