Guess we better hurry (Guardians of the Galaxy #11 comic review)

Guardians of the Galaxy #11

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Cory Smith

Inker: Victor Olazaba

Colors: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Being a penultimate issue, everything in the series has been leading to this climax. The cult has raised thousands of Draxes and hopes to cause some real damage. What was once a place of worship for Magus has changed drastically. Magus (in a childlike form) has even joined the Guardians of the Galaxy to take out the evil cult. Rocket Raccoon has returned to the fight, even though he is dying, with a badass mech as his vehicle/life support/weapon. This comic covers the battle that was primed to start at the end of the last issue between The Guardians and the cult.

This comic is one large battle. It is learned quickly that the Draxes breaking from the cocoons are not the real Drax. Moondragon finally has time to shine here and takes on the cult, after spending the last 10 issues in the background of a few panels. Rocket Raccoon also gets to show off what his mech can do and there are plenty of moments that would make any fan happy. However, the fight falls apart, for our heroes, and the stakes are raised yet again. Without getting into spoilers, this issue leaves off on a place that does set up the culmination of Marvel Cosmic that Cates has been promising.

Tim’s Thoughts
Another quick read from Donny Cates, but that is far from a bad thing. This is a high octane comic with a lot going for it. As a fan of Rocket Raccoon, it was hard not to swing from happiness to despair. Cates has set up an arc for Rocket that I legitimately do not know where it is going. Often we know the hero will get out of what is about to come, but this time I am not so sure. And being surprised in a genre like superhero comics makes all the difference in the world. My only issue with this issue is Moondragon. I still don’t know who she is, and no new reader would either. I have been following Cates’s cosmic run, and it isn’t like she has been relevant in any series that has led up to this point (I am going off the list of series that are directly called out in this book as lead-ins). She seems awesome, and even not knowing about her she reads well in battle. I just wish Donny wasn’t expecting people to check Wikipedia to get background info on her, and he had 10 issues to introduce her. Other characters he has glossed over have either been featured in the films or someone that appeared in an earlier Cates book. Other than a half baked character this comic is one hell of a ride. I wish I could talk about why I am so excited to read the next issue, but I think it is better left for the reader to experience firsthand.

Cory Smith got to have a lot of fun here. Since the book was a big battle, it is important everything still flows and jumps off the page. Smith had no issues doing this and, as usual, he was able to juggle the varied lineup. Even the few down moments were still beautifully rendered. I’ve praised Cory’s work every issue and I have nothing else to say but his work here has made me a big fan.

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The comic is about to end, along with Cates’ Cosmic Marvel meta-storyline. After you read this book you will need to see how it ends. Rocket Raccoon is a highlight again, and seeing his smaller arc play out here is going to be either heartbreaking or one of the happiest moments in recent comics.
  • Great climax to the series
  • Incredible art
  • Rocket Raccoon, as always
  • Moondragon comes in strong but half baked

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