Grounded: The Best Bad Movie

I love science fiction.  I especially love ridiculous and trashy science fiction.  If the story has even the vaguest of sci-fi elements I will want that story in my life.  I also love watching bad monster movies because the monsters are usually the result of a science experiment gone wrong.  Lost in the Pacific is both trashy sci-fi and a bad monster movie.  It is also the best bad movie I have ever seen.

Lost in the Pacific is a movie set in the not so distant future, where a Chinese company has produced the next generation of luxury airbuses.  The maiden voyage of this plane is a non-stop flight from Rio de Janeiro to Hong Kong.  The plane encounters a storm and the crew is forced to make an emergency landing to avoid it.  They end up landing on an island that was used for secret government experiments.

The movie doesn’t start well.  Not much happens and the production quality is terrible.  We get introduced to the cast and their issues.  There are a lot of characters but in the end only a few of them matter.  The most important ones being the captain played by Yuqi Zhang and the action hero, played by Brandon Routh from Legends of Tomorrow.  These two get the most character development.  Everyone else is just there to move the plot along when necessary.  The worst part though is the sound quality.  It tends to vary from scene to scene and some of the sounds don’t fit the scenes at all.  It’s annoying in the beginning but adds a lot to how silly everything gets later.

The back half of this movie is a ride.  Once the characters make it to the island things pick up and hit peak levels ridiculous.  A couple of the characters get attacked by poorly animated monsters.  A couple of mercenaries come shooting out of the woods to hijack the plane.  Then one of the characters finds out that you can fend off the monsters by playing Ode to Joy.  All of these plot points happen in rapid succession, escalate to an insane degree, and have very little explanation.  They never even tell you what the government is performing the experiments.

For me, the reveal of the monsters is the best part.  They’re just so poorly done and silly-looking that I can’t take anything in this movie seriously.  The fact that you can stop them from attacking you by playing classical music is also amazingly silly to me.

When everything is said and done Lost in the Pacific is an absolutely terrible movie.  The few people who have seen it have given it abysmal ratings.  Everything looks cheap and there’s very little plot.  I think that’s great though.  For me this movie is ridiculous and I love laughing at the monsters.  They’re so bad but such fun.  I recommend watching this with a friend so you can laugh at them.


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Sarah Bieniek

Sarah Bieniek

I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.
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I live in the desert and spend a lot of time reading comics and any science fiction I can get my hands on.

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