“Miles has his J. Jonah Jameson” (Miles Morales: Spider-Man #15 Comic Review)

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #15 Comic Review

Writer: Saladin Ahmed

Artists: Javier Garrón

Colorists: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Cover: Javier Garrón & David Curiel

Variant Covers: Nick Bradshaw & Erick Arciniega

“Miles has his J. Jonah Jameson”

What You Need To Know

While Ultimatum makes his play for Brooklyn, Miles has to make a good impression on Vice Principal Dutcher. Miles is on academic probation and his future at Brooklyn Horizons could change on the whim of the school’s vice principal who also happens to have Miles’ journal that contains all of his writings about his adventures as Spider-Man! To make matters worse, Green Goblin has tracked Miles to his school and threatens the entire school population if Spider-Man does not show his face!

What Just Happened

Just as Vice Principal Dutcher confronts Miles about his journal and determines his academic standing, Green Goblin and what looks like goblinfied henchmen arrive looking for Spider-Man. Green Goblin gathers the faculty, staff, and students together at the school and asks for who’s in charge. Green Goblin demands that the principal provide Spider-Man or he will kill one of the teachers and then have his “goblinoids” attack the students. Before Green Goblin can attack the principal, Dutcher covers for Miles buy saying he is Spider-Man, and Green Goblin swats him out of the way like a fly. Ganke creates a diversion so Miles can sneak away and suit up.

Spider-Man arrives on the scene and Green Goblin immediately attacks, allowing the faculty, staff, and teachers time to escape. Spider-Man uses his sting on the goblinoids and they are revealed to be human. Spider-Man and Green Goblin battle throughout the school grounds. Spider-Man is able to fight Green Goblin until Goblin retreats. The principal urges Spider-Man to leave to keep the students safe and Spider-Man agrees.

After the battle with Green Goblin, Miles tries to meet with Dutcher to have his probation review. Dutcher gives Miles his journal and tells him he is a talented writer who tells great stories. Dutcher informs Miles that he is recommending to have him taken off academic probation.

My Thoughts

In a very fun issue, Miles Morales may have just met his J. Jonah Jameson. Vice Principal Dutcher has been on Miles’ case since day one, and Miles’ double life as Spider-Man may cost him his spot at Brooklyn Horizons. On top of all that, Miles’ investigation into Ultimatum has brought Green Goblin and his minions to the campus, putting his friends and teachers at risk. Saladin Ahmed crafts a fun narrative that reminds me of classic Spidey adventures where Peter Parker has to balance so may responsibilities and he just pulls it off by the skin of his teeth. Miles was really thrown through the ringer this issue. Miles does not know if he will be able to continue in school and is terrified that the man that his been on his case the most may figure out that he’s Spider-Man.

On top of that the Green Goblin has brought some backup and it puts the people he holds dear in danger. The fight between Miles and Green Goblin this issue reminds me of the fight scene between Spider-Man and the Lizard in the “Amazing Spider-Man” movie. I have to wonder if Ahmed took some inspiration from that movie for this issue. The goblinoids are an interesting wrinkle and I definitely feel that is what the drug Ultimatum is pushing is doing to people. It looks like Miles will go one more round with Green Goblin before he can get to Ultimatum.

I’ve felt since the very beginning that Vice Principal Dutcher was being set up to be a compelling foil for Miles Morales. Dutcher is not a villain, but it was never known until recently if Dutcher really had Miles’ best interest at heart. I believe from reading Miles’ diary, he believes Miles is Spider-Man and has grown a newfound respect for him and now knows he is not just a slacker. This doesn’t change the fact that Dutcher is an obnoxious blowhard, but does make him more than a one note character. Dutcher reminds me of how J. Jonah Jameson’s opinion of Spider-Man changed once he found out Peter Parker was under the mask.   Like Jameson, Dutcher will be still be a nuisance who will cause more problems then he solves, but Dutcher’s newfound respect for Miles will be one less complication in Miles’ life.

I’m happy to see Javier Garrón back on this book full time. Javier Garrón’s art continues to make every issue pop, and his interiors rival what was seen in Into the Spider-Verse, especially the fight between Miles and Green Goblin at the school. David Curiel’s colors continue to compliment Garrón’s art, and his decision to use darker colors this issue contributed to the dire situation Miles and his friends found themselves in.

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Marcus Freeman

Marcus Freeman

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Miles has to somehow survive an academic probation hearing, and protect his school from the Green Goblin and his minions. Miles secret identity as Spider-Man and his future at Brooklyn Horizons are simultaneously at stake. As Ultimatum stretches his reach across Brooklyn, Miles will also need to stretch himself even thinner to maintain good standing in school and protect his friends.
  • Dutcher is Jameson!
  • Cool battle between Miles and Green Goblin
  • Great art
  • Would like to see Miles finally confront Ultimatum
  • Green Goblin sounds like your everyday grunt, isn't he Norman Osborn?
Story - 9
Art - 9
Character Development - 9
Written by
Bay Area bred, LA livin Blerd. Avid fan of comics, video games, music, wrestling, the Lakers, and the 49ers. Constantly catching up on DVR’d TV shows. Spends a little too much money at movie theaters. Also passionate about serving my community and providing the youth with tools for success.

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