Venom T-Rex vs Carnage (Venom #25 Comic Review)

Writer: Donny Cates

Penciler: Mark Bagley

Inker: Andy Owens

Color Artist: Frank Martin

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

What You Need to Know:

All hope seems lost on Venom Island. Eddie has lost his hand, Carnage has taken control, and the Venom Symbiote is on the run. But then, Dylan unlocks a new power using a piece of the Carnage Symbiote, creating a portal and entering the mind of the Venom Symbiote. He then took control and turned into a giant Venom T-Rex. Because comic books.


What Happens:

Venom T-Rex vs Carnage. What more could you need to know?

Okay, I guess I’ll keep going because the rest is really important. the issue opens with Eddie talking to someone off-panel and recapping the events of Cates’ run on Venom so far, as well as telling us how much he has grown since his “I’m gonna eat Spider-Man’s brains and be a hero for it” days. It’s a cool introspective moment for Eddie and he essentially thanks the reader for sticking with him through all of his crazy adventures and arcs. Anyway, Venom T-Rex vs Carnage. It’s cool it’s fun it’s crazy. And then Dylan begins linking with Carnage to get Eddie out of there, and it goes about as well as you’d expect. He even falls in the real world and almost dies before Sleeper catches him, and just touching him while he’s still connected burns Sleeper. After some motivational speech-ing from Eddie, Dylan was able to separate and seemingly destroy Carnage once and for all(not really) and Eddie is freed and rejoins with his Symbiote. And his hand is still gone, so Venom forms one for him like he would do for Flash to replace his lost legs. The Avengers do come and get Eddie and it’s revealed the people he was talking to were the Avengers, where he explains what Knull is. At first, the Avengers are dismissive but Thor vouches for him since he knows who Knull is. And in a 2-page spread, Donny Cates and Bagely tease the future of the Venom comics with things like Maker, Knull, the new upcoming villain Virus, and who knows what else. And so it ends with Carnage still alive, because of course he is, and he takes over a shark and swims for the mainland.



This was the best issue of the arc. Venom T-Rex vs Carnage. I’m gonna keep saying it until you buy the book. I really liked Eddie’s recap of events and introspection. He mentions how he wants to be seen as a hero like Spider-Man, and that he doesn’t know if he’s a good enough person to be a good guy. It’s a really interesting character moment. Plus his thanks are very clearly from Donny Cates to the readers, and that’s just nice. His dynamic with Dylan is as strong as ever and I look forward to more of it. Eddie being on or at least working with the Avengers is a cool concept to me and I hope it sticks for a while. And now the Avengers know about Knull so when Marvel makes the bug Knull invasion event that will lead into the next big event, the Avengers won’t be completely clueless about what’s happening. My only complaint at all is that Carnage is still around. I honestly think he should have died for good because none of his stories will ever top Absolute Carnage, it was the best he will ever be. As long as he goes away for a while this time, it’s fine I guess. But yeah, this issue is a great ending to Venom Island.


Venom T-Rex vs Carnage.

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Brian Daley

Brian Daley

Full Sail college student. Nerd extraordinaire since 2003. Lover of all things superhero, Star Wars, video game, or cartoon related. Spends WAAAAAY too much money on these books and movies.
  • Venom T-Rex vs Carnage.
  • Eddie's opening recap is very good.
  • Eddie and Dylan's dynamic continues to be good.
  • Venom working with the Avengers is a really interesting idea.
  • Eddie has a Symbiote hand now.
  • Carnage is still a thing.
  • Aside from their clothes, Thor and Eddie look identical.
Story - 10
Characters - 10
Art - 9
Written by
Full Sail college student. Nerd extraordinaire since 2003. Lover of all things superhero, Star Wars, video game, or cartoon related. Spends WAAAAAY too much money on these books and movies.

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