Kill the interlopers (Justice League #46 comic book review)

Justice League #46

Writer: Robert Venditti

Pencils: Xermanico and Robson Rocha

Inks: Xermancio, Daniel Henriques, and Robson Rocha

Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters: Tom Napolitano

The Justice League continues their adventure against the Spirit of Vengeance (The Spectre, now detached from James Corrigan). The last issue led them to Themyscira, where James Corrigan was last seen. Since the Spectre no longer has a host his “vengeance” is spreading uncontrolled throughout the world. Even The League was unable to stop themselves from turning spiteful and turning against each other. Of course, going to Wonder Woman’s homeland comes with its own set of problems, as they do not traditionally allow men on the island.

The story is very quick. It is far more action-focused than any previous Justice League comic of the current series. It can be summed up rather quickly; The League goes to Themyscira and the Amazonians are turned by the Spirit of Vengeance. They all fight until they get to James Corrigan. That is it, that is the story in a nutshell. There is a bigger reveal at the end of the issue, but other than that the book is one giant battle.

Tim’s Thoughts
There is not too much to say about Venditti’s writing here. He plotted out a battle between the Amazonians and The Justice League, and that is what we get. He has been known for writing brisk and quick reads, and this is by far the shortest read yet. It is not a bad book, but as a single issue, it feels very light. I am sure it will read fine in trade, but standing alone it is a slight book. But this is also a series that is now coming out at a quick pace, so the reader does not have to sit around for very long to see what this leads to next. I wish I could say more about the writing in this book, but I just can’t. If you like a Justice League comic full of action, you will most likely enjoy this, but if you want a bit more to the story and intrigue you will be disappointed.

Since the writing is neither amazing nor poor the heavy lifting falls on the art team to pull a dynamic and fun issue together. I was worried when I saw this massive team working on a single book, but thankfully they all pulled together a beautiful comic. The multiple pencilers and inkers seemed to care about creating a consistent look. If you look hard you can see the variance from page to page, but the consistent colors and layouts keep the book looking uniform. It was a step up from the last issue but not as strong as when Xermancio handled the duties alone. When you have a book that relies heavily on action you need everything to feel like it is moving, and the team does this perfectly. You could see the battle between the lines and, because the pages turned so quickly, everything just moved. This book is a great example of multiple artists working together, rather than the typical jarring shifts that DC books tend to have.

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This issue of Justice League will be over before you know it. An action-packed comic that is a very quick and easy read. It does not get into The Spectre as much as previous titles, as instead, it focuses on a battle between The League and Amazonians. A fun read, but a slight read.
  • The art team worked well together
  • The action was well paced
  • Not to much in the book past the action
  • Well read better in trade, but as a single issue it is slight

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