…I forgive you (Justice League #47 comic review)

Justice League #47

Writer: Robert Venditti

Penciller: Eddy Barrows

Inker: Eber Ferreira

Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Letters: Tom Napolitano

James Corrigan has quit being the Spectre, and The Justice League has had to deal with the fallout. Since the Spectre is now no longer attached to a human, The Spirit of Vengeance is spread throughout the world. This is causing people to turn on each other as they succumb to “vengeance.” The League found Corrigan in Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s homeland) where he was trying to access Tartarus. This issue brings the entire arc to a conclusion.

It turns out that Tartarus is not a place (typically seen as a Greek Myth stand-in for “hell”) but instead a God itself. Tartarus fights The Justice League in this comic and forces James Corrigan to reclaim the Spectre, to fight him. The entire planet is on the brink of war both large and small as everyone is fighting each other, as all they feel is vengeance towards each other. Without spoiling too much, there is a moral lesson learned here right before everything returns to the status quo. It is a fairly simple story, as has been every issue of this arc so far.

Tim’s Thoughts
This story had promise. The return of The Spectre should have been cool. Instead, Robert Venditti created a simple “fill-in” arc in his “fill-in” run on The Justice League. It is not bad, but not very meaningful either. No one is going to be talking about this book in the future, but no one will be upset by it either. Forgettable but enjoyable is where this arc lies, like many issues that fill the back bins of local comic shops. The Spectre’s arc is fairly contained and he is used as a Deus Ex Machina to solve all the issues at the end (not the biggest deal since he is an agent of God). The big build to Tartarus seemed flat and uninspired. For something that is supposed to be the big boogyman for the Greek Gods, he went down like a chump. I can not bring myself to really hate or love this book. It is simply just a fine way to pass the time. You could do far worse than reading it but you could also do far better.

The art jumps again in quality. Eddy Barrows (with Eber Ferreira on inks) is not bad by any stretch, but it just doesn’t hit like the Xermancio issues. Like the writing, it is serviceable and fine, but ultimately forgettable. The only time the art really shines in panels with The Spectre and Tartarus, and you can tell the team had a blast playing with those characters. This team can be fine artists but the story just didn’t let them elevate themselves to their potential.

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A simple conclusion to a simple story. The Spectre comes and goes here, and hopefully, we get to see the character again in a more meaningful way. This arc is just a "fill-in" but a fun one nonetheless, even though it is a bit shallow.
  • It is always fun to see The Spectre
  • Some fun moments overall
  • It serves no greater purpose
  • Does not live up to the standard of The Justice League title

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