It’s a slippery slope, Clark (Justice League #48 Comic Review)

Justice League #48

Writer: Si Spurrier

Pencils: Aaron Lopresti

Inks: Matt Ryan

Colors: David Baron

Letters: Tom Napolitano

A new writer on Justice League means that no real prior knowledge is needed before picking up this book. It is another fill-in after the previous fill in arcs. The Justice League is still a team book, but not one with a lot of importance hanging on each issue.

The story here is extremely compact and detailed. The League encounters a horrible space creature and finds alien children that need rescuing. The straight forward mission quickly puts The Justice League in the middle of a cultural war between two opposing factions. This issue has moved from story beat to story beat in a way that harkens back to some silver age Justice League adventures. One where everything seems to be changing drastically, but you know that everything will be normal by the end.

Tim’s Thoughts
As a single issue, this book is fine. A lot is going on, and I have to admit it was a fun story. But it all seems to be in service of nothing. The Justice League is a book that should be a marquee title. One that you HAVE TO read as a fan of DC comics. Right now it is a simple book of fun side adventures, and nothing more. It doesn’t help that since Snyder left, it has been fill-in after fill-in arc. There are some interesting moments as Si Spurrier has carved himself out a nice new piece of DC cosmic mythology. The waring alien factions and their story are very interesting to read about. As I said before, there is something very “silver-age” about this book, and that is a compliment since I do enjoy that era. But since this title has been spinning its wheels for too long, the fun “fill in” does not feel welcome.

The art here is incredible. Aaron Lopresti, and the team, are incredibly talented here. Since this is a cosmic story, the art team gets to show off, creating new aliens and landscapes. It is a vibrant and dynamic book that elevates a subpar issue. There is so much going on in this little comic and everything is full of life.

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Another fill in arc, and this one has a Silver Age feel to it. It is a densely packed story that takes The Justice League many places, but probably won't matter in the long run.
  • Some silver age feeling
  • The art is incredible
  • Another fill in issue
  • No real importance to the story
  • The Justice League comic needs to elevate itself more

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