How Kimberly Hart Got Her Groove Back (Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 Review)

Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1 Review aka “How Kimberly Hart Got Her Groove Back

Written By: Ryan Parrott
Illustrated By: Ryan Mora
Colored By: Raul Angulo
Lettered By: Ed Dukeshire

(Spoilers for Shattered Grid, Go Go Power Rangers, & Beyond the Grid)

Hello and Welcome to Kal’s Comic Reviews, I’m your host Kal and today we are reviewing a comic that should become its own long running series instead of a one-shot comic: Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1.

Honestly, this comic has been a long time coming for fans of the Power Rangers comics and fans of the Ranger Slayer.
Since her debut back in Go Go Power Rangers, Kim has been given the character development that the TV side has always attempted to do, but is scared to actually follow through on.

The Ranger Slayer went from, mind-controlled lackey, to an anti-hero, to a full-fledged hero, and now this comic is a chance to show if all of that was for nothing. So, instead of me rambling on and on, let’s get into the backstory for this bad boy in order to get you all up to speed on who The Ranger Slayer is.

The Ranger Slayer aka Kim Hart, comes from a reality where Tommy Oliver chose to go evil and kill off the Power Rangers of his earth. After joining the resistance and assisting in saving innocents, Kim decided revenge was on the menu and assaulted Lord Drakkon’s (Tommy’s new evil mantle) fortress. She did a good job, but was captured by Drakkon and turned into his Second In Command through mind control. Now dubbed “The Ranger Slayer”, Kim helped her new master round-up/kill members of the resistance aka “The Coinless” and had been on a great crusade in crushing her old friends’ spirits and hope in a better tomorrow

Things changed when Drakkon flew off to go cause trouble for other versions of himself across the Morphing Grid, and Kim was forced to locate him in order to bring him back to keep his Kingdom from falling apart. She ended up jumping to a point before Tommy joined the Rangers and ended up getting into a skirmish with her past alternate universe version, (Go with it), and had her mind control broken.

After a bunch of adventures assisting the main timeline Power Rangers in defeating Drakkon, working with a team of Rangers in discovering what lies beyond the morphing grid, and assisting the main timeline rangers in a battle, Kim falls through a portal that pops her back home where our story begins

(Yes, I know, I omitted alot of details, but this review is ballooning out of control, and I don’t want to even get into how disgusting Tommy Oliver is, so let’s get started.)


Kim returns back to her world to undead Zombies ravaging the land. As she delves deeper into the mystery surrounding it, she meets up with her old friends and ends up having to mend fences with them in order to get to the bottom of their new problems.

With the new Big Bad causing more commotion, Kim and The Coinless, team up with Drakkon’s remaining forces in an all-out brawl that ends with our “heroes” victorious and a somewhat bright future on the rise.

This comic, is excellent.

The Ranger Slayer getting a comic to show how far she has come was a smart idea on Boom Studios part. Kim has become one of the greatest characters to come out of these comic series and her character development mirrors Arrow’s Black Siren, and shows that everyone deserves a second chance at doing the right thing.

The artwork is superb and makes everything seem epic in scope and scale. The writing is a bit clunky in some places, but a standout scene in this issue was the conversation between Trini, Zack, and Kim. Those three were apart of the original team and had a bond that has always been iconic, and with everything that went on this world, the care they have for each other is still there, even though it’s been years since they’ve all been in the same room and on the same side

The downside, however, is that this is just a one-shot. With this being a single issue, we dont exactly see the ramifications of this new status quo play out, even though the world of “The Coinless” is a concept that should be revisited constantly. Another problem of note is Skull. The last time he was seen, he was “killed off” by Drakkon for betraying him, now he’s alive and well with no explanation of how he survived or what exactly happened to him.

As for the future, I hope the two new Power Rangers comics take a trip back to this world and gives us a look at how Kim being in charge will shape that world for the better.

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Story - 9
Art - 8.5

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