5 Reasons Why You Should Read “Excellence”

5 Reasons Why You Should Read “Excellence”

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Hello, my name is Kal and Welcome to my Comic Reviews. Today, I’m going to do something entirely different from my normal reviews. A good friend of mine latched me onto a comic series called “Excellence” Written By Brandon Thomas with art by Khary Randolph, and the short and narrow of this series is young wizard Spencer Dales, must deal with the trials of not only being apart of one of the highest-ranking magic-user families, but also as an elite agent of an organization known as the “Aegis”. The comic, like the television show “Black Lightning”, is black as hell. What I mean by that, is that black culture runs through this book and makes it something unique to a magic base series we haven’t seen before


Today, I’m going to list 5 Major reasons why you should pick up this comic and give this universe the respect it deserves


  1. The Characters

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One of the things that can really make a series drag is bland characters, with this series, that’s not the case here. The series may be based on Spencer Dales and his issues, however, he isnt the only character that can draw your eye. One thing I will preface this right away, so far in the series we haven’t met any White Main Characters, so for the first time, a magic series is essentially an all-black affair.

We have Aaron Mills, another wizard who has an antagonistic relationship with Spencer (even though Aaron doesn’t want that)who goes through his own “reckoning” over the course of the series, Spencer’s father Raymond Dales, a head honcho of the “Aegis” who is stuck in his ways and is a by the rules dude who puts work over his family, and a plethora of other characters who I would bring up, but I don’t want to spoil anymore than I already did.

  1. Magic & Women Dont Mix

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Alright, here me out. The women in this series may be subjected to old fashioned stereotypes, but they aren’t pushovers. One of the many rules of this universe is that women aren’t allowed to use or have magic in their possession.

The reasons why are told throughout the series, however, just because women can’t do magic, doesn’t mean they aren’t badass in their own right. Spencer’s Mother and Grandmother aka GG don’t let not having magic put them below men, they make sure to remind the men that without them, they wouldn’t be where they are and to mind their tones.


  1. Black Culture

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Most think that this is something people cant understand, however, this series makes sure to have you live this series through Spencer’s  POV. Feeling his pain, feeling the anger that rises up through him, and how he sees the world and his family.


It’s hard to understand the plight of a Black person in a black society, how we go about our day to day, the expectations that are placed on us to do/be better than everyone else, and the constant barrage of emotions when your a young black man in a world that wants you out of the way. However, thanks to writer Brandon Thomas, readers can understand where we, black people, are coming from and how we handle lives.


  1. Legacy

Excellence #2 Review - The Super Powered Fancast

Anyone who is a fan of the Big Two (Marvel&DC) know that one of the biggest draws for them, especially the latter company, is the use of Legacy. Having younger more inexperienced characters learn from the older characters and the like in the hope that they take over for them when the time of the older characters is over. In “Excellence” its a tad different.


In this series, there is about 10 family lines that exist called “The Tenth” and they basically have males who will keep the bloodlines of each family going. Judging by where they are located on the tree is where their ranking is, however breaking the cardinal rules can result in jail time, magic being revoked, and the loss of all status and rank. Bringing great dishonor to your family name is a big no-no in this universe and its honestly one of my favorite aspects of this series. 


1, “Forgiveness, Not Permission”

scans_daily | Excellence is about a son of a family.

This is honestly the one thing about the series that I can say without a doubt is what really got me hooked to this series. This phrase is uttered alot throughout the run of the 9 issues in this series and its meaning is something I hope alot of readers latch on to as I did.


Whenever something bad is about to happen in this series, forgiveness is the first thing anybody asks for, because permission can always be denied. Rather than deal with the repercussions, Spencer and many other characters in this series just react/act and always let the fallout hit them when the dust clears, and I feel like not a lot of series out there have protagonists who are willing to cross a boundary every time they breathe in order to get the results they want.


Alright, so here are my 5 major reasons why you should read “Excellence”. I would’ve used more examples from the series, however, I don’t want to ruin the experience this wonderful series has given me for someone else. I hope these 5 major facts are helpful in you deciding to pick the book up for yourself to give a read. My Name is Kal, and I’ll see you guys on the flip side and remember, Stay Excellent.


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