Welcome to Paradise? (Captain Marvel #24 Comic Review)

“The New World: Part 3”


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Lee Garbett

Flashback Artist: Belen Ortega

Cover Artist: Jorge Molina

Variant Cover Artist: Tradd Moore

What you need to know: In the middle of a mission with War Machine, Hazmat and Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel AKA Carol Danvers was magicked away to the Apocalyptic World of the year 2052. She learned most of the world’s heroes and her friend are dead and those who have remained are fighting to survive in a barren NYC. But some of their clan has gone missing, presumably kidnapped by a mysterious foe named Ove. Before Carol could go and make a proper introduction, Ove sent Luke Cage, who was believed dead, with a very eerie invitation to visit Ove’s Citadel and the New York Public Library. Together with Emma Frost and an army of young heroes including Brigid, the daughter of Thor, Carol set out the the library. Fully prepared for a trap, instead they found a hospitable Ove ruling over what looks like a paradise on Earth. . .


In This Issue: Arriving in New Atlantis, Carol and the gang finally get to meet Ove and he is more than happy to give them the tour of his perfect sanctuary. But when Carol asks what the price is and Brigid asks about all her friends, Ove seems to have a perfectly innocent answer for all of it. A little too perfect, including slipping in that like Brigid, he too is half Asgardian and how he would love to have a cousin at the end of the world. He offers the gang accommodations which Emma is more than happy to take but insisting that they all stay in the same room together. Ove agrees and only asks that Carol joins him for dinner that night to talk more which she hesitantly agrees to. The gang agree, something is deeply wrong here but Carol still goes to meet Ove for dinner an hour later expecting the worst. She is right when she walks in to a candle light dinner and an underdressed Ove saddened she didn’t wear the skimpy dress he provided. As they sit, he finally goes into his own backstory, revealing he is the son of Namour, the ruler of Atlantis and how Namour knew Ove was destined for great things. Unfortunately, because Namour believed Atlanteans superior to all others and his mother was Asgardian, it tended to put on a strain on their relationship. When the first war on Earth happened, Namour was there to join the heroes in their battles trying to save the planet. But sometime between the first war and the second, he grew dissatisfied with what he saw. Instead of helping more, he started preparing to ensure the survival of HIS people so that he progeny would have a kingdom to inherit. But when Ove was 5, he learned that there were people who did not love his father’s ideas and tried to even murder him in his own home. This rogue group only grew and when Ove was 15 it was a genuine rebellion and when he was 16, he watched his father be murdered. He and his mother barely escaped but knew they had no chance to stay in Atlantis so they made their way to the surface where they began building an empire and found other powerful survivors the help rebuild. An excruciating hour later, Carol finally is able to go back to her room, finding Emma in the dress she was supposed to wear holding a martini but the gang is ready with a plan. Later that night, the teams separate and go into reckon looking for anything that can help them. But its Carol, Emma and Rhodes who find a vault with a very alive and a very captive Illyana Rasputin A.K.A. Magik. Before they can free her, Ove shows up with an army of monsters and Luke Cage who is being controlled by his mother, Enchantress. A battle breaks out and more of Carol’s gang shows up to help but they are unable to protect Carol who seems to be the main target and she is captured and set up to be used in Ove’s master plan.

I know that seemed long and a lot but hey, it was a backstory issue there is going to be a lot to get through. Obviously, the gang knew something was up, you as a reader knew something was up so it was just getting through the set up to it. All of it seemed interesting if not a little predictable and the change in art styles was tricky to get used to in the first page but you get used to it pretty quickly. I still prefer Garbett’s style because he made Ove smoking hot for a comic character and that just isn’t fair yet so amazing at the same time. Another predictable point was how they tried too hard to hide Enchantress as Ove’s mother and there were a few times I was conflicted as to who it was but there are only so many Asgardian’s left in the Marvel Universe. I would have liked a little bit of a bigger reveal then just “hey its me! I’m mom!” in the beginning of the big fight. This could go either way depending on if you like reveals right away or later on. Despite the dark tone of this issue, Emma Frost is a Diva through and through during an apocalypse and its great. First the sheets, then wanting all the booze and then taking Carol’s dress that she insists on wearing during recon. Glad that even though we have new characters to explore, old ones stay the same.

Joanna Robinson

Joanna Robinson

I’m 34 years old, attending school for Graphic Arts and Illustration. I started reading comics in the 90’s and have continued on till now adding Manga to the mix. I sing and work at Indy Wrestling shows, love going to Con’s and Cosplaying. Big movie buff and toy collector. Moose.

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I’m 34 years old, attending school for Graphic Arts and Illustration. I started reading comics in the 90’s and have continued on till now adding Manga to the mix. I sing and work at Indy Wrestling shows, love going to Con’s and Cosplaying. Big movie buff and toy collector. Moose.

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