A very angry sea king riding a war machine (Justice League #62 comic review)

A very angry sea king riding a war machine (Justice League #62 comic review)Score 70%Score 70%

Justice League #62

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Letters: Josh Reed

The Justice League is lost on another Earth. While this is a fairly common occurrence in the DC Universe, there are some new twists in the set up. In this new universe everyone’s powers are acting strangely. Some are now far more powerful than they used to be, and others are having major issues controlling themselves. Superman is effectively unable to help or fight, while Black Canary is now one of the most powerful members of The League. This new Universe is where the newest member of The Justice League, Naomi, actually comes from. So, it sets up some reasons why she would be joining The League, even when she is a relatively new and young character. 

This issue is mostly focused on the battle with Brutus (the invading antagonist from the start of this arc). It takes up a large portion of the book with splash page after splash page. WIth Superman rendered ineffective, in a fight, most of the work goes to other members of The League. Aquaman finally joins the fight (after being lost in the last issue) and has a pretty fun moment. The other two new heroes joining the fight are The Flash and Hippolyta. Other than the last page reveal there is not much else to the comic than that.

Tim’s Thoughts
I have really been enjoying Bendis’ run on The Justice League so far, but this issue is a bit of a let down. The story is advanced only incrementally. Not much happens in this issue, other than a fight. Also, to me, Hippolyta seems to be written in a strange way. I know she is a character that spends all or most of her time on Paradise Island (Wonder Woman’s history has been changed so often I have lost count) but she sounded a bit too naive to me here. But for every stilted moment there are some great ones. Aquaman’s entrance will put a smile on anyone’s face, as it is just a really fun moment. Black Canary being overpowered, and a force to be reckoned with, elevates the character in really interesting ways. Naomi is literally thrown away in this issue, but she is still the keystone in the whole story. It is strange, as the problems in this comic are not one’s that typically Bendis falls into. There is no drawn out exposition, or poor plotting. It is just a bit of a mess that has you happy one page and a bit let down the next. It is not a bad comic but it also didn’t grab me the way earlier issues have.

The art however, is never a let down. Considering that this issue has many splash pages, David Marquez really gets to have fun here. Everything is dynamic, and his layouts are intriguing. Sometimes with multiple splash pages the sequential storytelling is lost on the reader, but he is able to maintain the flow of the battle nicely. And with Aquaman’s entrance, you can tell he had a blast creating that page. Overall, this is a beautiful comic that elevates the relatively slow story.


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Summary The story stalls a bit in this issue, but the art is still incredible. Justice League focuses on the battle with Brutus and not much else, which does not move the story forward significantly. A bit of a down point in an otherwise entertaining arc.


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