Weekly Comic Pull List

Farewell Heimdall, May Your Find The Peace You Deserve (Jane Foster Valkyrie Comic #3 Review)

The Sacred and the Profane: Part 3 Writers: Jason Aaron & Al Ewing Artist: CAFU, Ramon Perez, Cian Tormey with Roberto Poggi, & Frazer Irving Cover Artist: Mahmud Asrar & Dave McCaig Varia...

8.8 Great

Put the Pieces Together Before it’s too late! (Captain Marvel #10 Comic Review)

“Falling Star Part 3’ Writer: Kelly Thompson Artist: Carmen Carnero Cover Art: Mark Brooks What You Need to Know: Carol Danvers has been “ousted” to the public that she has Kree Heritage and the publi...

8.3 Great

Jane is Back And is Just as Good as Ever! (Jane Foster Valkyrie #1 Comic Review)

“The Sacred and the Profane” Part 1 Writers: Jason Aaron & Al Ewing Artist: CAFU Cover Artist: Mahmud Asar & Matthew Wilson Variant Cover Artists: Russel Dauterman & Matthew Wilson, Terry ...

8.8 Great