The Book of Burial (Black Lightning Episode 3 TV Review)

This week’s episode deals with the community taking their power back, permissions, learning who has the real power, athlete’s foot, and a gift The episode opens with the Pierce family and others atten...

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Lightning Has Struck! Black Lightning That Is… (Black Lightning Ep. 2 TV Review)

2018 is will go down as the year of comic black excellence! With the premier of the highly anticipated release of Marvel’s Black Panther, The CW took a chance on another well-known but at the same tim...

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Superheroes and Nazis (CW’s Crisis On Earth-X TV Review)

Buckle up boys and girls. We got a double review. If you haven’t seen this year’s crossover Crisis on Earth-X, there’s something wrong with you. But you can get better. We can help y...

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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny & Dime (The Punisher Season 1 Review)

Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series has given us a good handful of characters, from Daredevil himself, to Elektra. It has also helped bring other shows to life such as Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, an...

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YES! THE DINOSAUR DOESN’T LOOK HORRIBLE! (Runaways Episodes 1-3 Review)

YES! THE DINOSAUR DOESN’T LOOK HORRIBLE! The Runaways have been a cult classic in the backround of Marvel Comics for almost 15 years. A group of young kids who are thrusted into the unknown as t...

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The low budget Avengers yet somehow better (Defenders Episodes 1-4 Advanced TV Review)

  Long time fans of Power Man and Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones, will recall prospects of getting a group of them together for a television show was a simply mind blowing concept. One o...

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