Coming to Terms with Diana (Wonder Woman Conan #4 Review)

Coming to Terms with Diana (Wonder Woman Conan #4 Review)

Written by: Gail Simone

Pencilled by: Aaron Lopresti

Inked by: Matt Ryan

Cover art by: Darick Robertson with Tony Avina (Variant Cover by: Aaron Lopresti)

Story so Far:

Conan, and the woman he still called Yanna, were forced to take down a shark to survive the wreckage of the ship. Yanna’s cunning prowess proved to be an asset as they made their way slowly back to land. Drifting in the sea, Yanna and Conan talk about their pasts. In Conan’s case, he mentions remembering her. In Yanna’s, she says she remembers nothing. As they land, a sinking feeling grows in the heroes’ stomachs. Soon they find themselves amidst a bloody plot for the amusement of the gods. Yanna and Conan work together to plan to save the lives of the citizens they unwittingly placed into danger.


Once more, we are thrown into a flashback as we see another glimpse of Conan’s childhood and why he clings to Diana, or as he called her, Yanna. Conan tells Diana another story of how he and Yanna journeyed as young children. Diana has no clear recollection of this. At long last, they find themselves back to shore. Diana asks Conan if he recognizes anything, and Conan says he simply recognizes the poverty. They seek refuge in a pub to plot their next move.

The plot is slowly being revealed to us as Conan and Diana journey. We don’t know much about why Diana can’t remember her past. What is revealed, however, is that if she can find her lasso of truth, it could be the final piece she needs to finish the puzzle of her fractured memories and half mind. We see more of Conan’s sentimental side in this issue, which is shocking, given his usual temperament. His determination to keep Diana safe seemingly stems from an issue in the past that had arisen, but we’ll have to wait to see more. This series is pushing past the normal boundaries of what you would come to expect from a Conan the Barbarian cross-over. There’s sentimental feelings, fantasy, strong heroines, and a new temperament seen for him. Diana’s character growth as she struggles to remember her true identity is going well. Nothing seems rushed or out of place.

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