Cyclops: The Rise and Fall of the First X-Man

Cyclops: The Rise and Fall of the First X-Man


After the cataclysm of Xorn’s attack on New York, with a fake Magneto leading to Jean Grey and Esme’s death, along with many normal humans, Xavier decided to shut down Xavier’s School for the Gifted Youngsters. Scott Summers, better recognized as Cyclops, didn’t approve of this. Cyclops made the choice to step up to the plate, but it did not happen overnight. He initially said no to Emma Frost, due to his guilt and fear of betraying his now dead wife, The Dream. However, during an attack on X Corp in Salem Centre by the locals, most of his students were injured. He agreed to rebuild the school.

Running the school starts without a hitch, as there are many new students attending with the New Mutants and Hellion teams. Storm and her XSE team live on school grounds again, and Alex’s dysfunctional team is trying to get along. Scott made up his mind that they needed to become super heroes and protect others. Along with the usual threats from Break world, Death Commandos, and shocker, Wolverine going rogue, it seems Scott’s plate is full. Neither Magneto nor Xavier had to deal with the amount of issues that Scott Summer would come to face.




“No more mutants”. The three words to spark a dangerous path for Scott Summers said by Wanda Maximoff (The Scarlet Witch). The prospect of humans evolving into homo superior was left behind, as 198 registered mutants disappeared. Hundreds of mutant lives were lost during the fall of the House of M, which was created by Wanda during her illness. This illness was sparked by Quicksilver convinced her that the Avengers and X-men were after her life. Memories were restored, an attack on Genosha took place, and another act of madness from the Scarlet Witch soon occurred. Once things settled down, Storm decided to stay in Africa, where she married Black Panther. Xavier has gone missing. The Sapian League and Stryker’s Purifiers have a common goal. Kill all mutants. While all of this is going on, Scott is in the background taking care of refugees. He does his best to keep his team safe, but this time period has the heaviest casualties in 616 history.

After becoming one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Gambit joins Sinister’s side. On this same spectrum of events, Rogue leads a team of X-villains, however half of them switch sides.The mountain of bodies only grows as Kitty Pryde saves Earth from a giant bullet. Rogue and one of the Destiny diaries are captured by Sinister, and Cable seemingly sacrifices himself to destroy Providence, which was his safe haven. These events are absolutely out of Scott’s control, and will shape him into becoming the Leader of Mutant Kind.


Follow Me

One of the greatest cross-overs in X-history! The game is known to everyone except Cyclops, who was a mutant born in a town destroyed by the Marauders and the Purifiers. Cable is now on the run. Events go from bad to worse, as a series of reactions take place after Scott orders the children to stay still. No one listens, and Keller is stabbed by Deathstrike. Xavier wishes to run the show again, but Scott refuses. He makes the decision to send two duplicates of Madrox to their deaths in the future to determine what a new baby means for the world.

Bishop’s betrayal begins with the infection of the O.N.E. sentinels that attack the mansion where Nightcrawler is shot, Cyclops asks Wolverine to form X-force to hunt for the baby. During these events, a Predator X was also tracking the child, and Bishop attempts to kill Forge, Cable, and the red haired baby. The Marauders, however, step in and take the child. The final confrontation happens on Muir Island. Once more, Cyclops is faced with a massive decision, far greater than any has faced to date. Does he trust his son who has not died with the baby, which would entail him going into the future with her? Does he keep them both in present? Cyclops decides to trust his son to go into the future. He makes the same decision here that he did with his son when he had the techno Organic Virus. Nathan Dayspring Summers is sent to the future with the child.


Bishop shoots Xavier in the head.This was the death of Xavier’s dream. The death of X-men as Scott’s optic blast smashes Bishop across the island.This is the moment that he was no longer prepared where Cyclops decides to himself that he is no longer going to stand by and lose any more Mutants. This was the beginning of Scott Summers, no Cyclops’s dream.


Blurred Lines

Cyclops is now making orders in secrecy after Mystique betrays the X-men. Wolverine is told that Mystique does not have to be brought in, breathing, that is. The X-Force is created, and this team is designed to kill. He uses one of Angel’s aerie as a secret base for the selection of these missions. This deadly team is comprised of X-23, Rhane Sinclair, James Proudstar, and is led by none other than Wolverine. While Wolverine admires Summers for growing some stones, he cannot agree with the team committing the murders. Wolverine decides to go through with them himself to save them from staining their hands. Angel, Vanisher, Domino, and Exlir were also pulled into this murderous squad which was now in charge of hunting down Purifiers, Bastion, and Seline. However, the main mission they faced was to stop Bishop who had followed Cable into the future.


Cyclops is prepared to sacrifice even Boom Boom, Hellion, and Surge by telling Beast to send the X-force into the future. This would have have been a rescue mission straight to death, although everything turned out fine in the end this time, I believe this is where Wolverine’s and Cyclops’ relationship had begun to deteriorate. Scott’s other decision he was faced with at this moment was to bring the mutant community together. He decided that the time for school was over. The X-men operation was moved to San Francisco. At this point, everything is riding on making the world a safe place for Hope to return and survive. This meant protecting what was left of the Mutant kind.



The Skrulls Secret invasion launched an attack on San Francisco , which the X-men were able to hold at bay until the Skrulls changed tactics. They began to take thousands of prisoners within the business buildings. Scott Summers has once again taken a new direction during this battle. Beast is using the legacy virus, can kill his enemies. He feigned the X-men’s surrender, and infected the Skrulls, which led to the beginning of their deaths.The Skrulls are left with two choices. Surrender and receive the cure, or die.




Dark Reign

Norman Osborn rules the world, which means nowhere is safe. A local rally goes bad, and the Dark Avenger team arrives declaring marshal law on the city. This instills a curfew. Crucial secrets are spilled when Xavier and Beast are tortured, and Scott watches as Emma is given her own army to lead under Osborn. Scott’s own plan is set into motion when he sends Moonstar to strike a deal with Hela to become a Valkyrie again to fight Ares. As this battle brews, X-club raises Asteroid M from its watery grave and everyone is now transporting to their new home, Nation X.



A final battle concludes with Norman being kicked back to American soil, as Scott unites the mutant community. They do not leave the X-men unscathed, however, as they are no longer living in San Francisco. Emma is trapped in Diamond form after a piece of the void slivered onto her. Beast holds a grudge against Scott for him being a prisoner, and leaves. This is the decision, I believe, that starts the schism. Cyclops addresses the world, telling everyone that this ground was sacred to the mutants. All mutants are free there, and shall not be held under the persecution and fear of Man that hates them. Welcome to Utopia.

Mutant Messiah

The Void thought it would be a simple task to take over Cyclops’ mind, but instead Cyclops is able to store the Void in a black box like a mere toy. Now, I really don’t think Xavier planned to hand the reigns to Scott in such a manner, as Scott was insecure and questioning his every decision he was making. At this point, 90% of the mutant population had begun following him. Namor, a mutant, had shown no affiliation to any X-group in the past, fell in line and even Magneto kneeled before him in front of the entire island. Magneto brought Kitty back from space to assure Cyclops that he was willing to do what was needed, and all that was required now, was for Xavier to fall into line as well.

Scott is consistent in his plans, and once more, he is willing to make the tough decisions. He had Wolverine’s healing factor turned off so that he could become a vampire to make the Vamps think they have one as well. He did, however, ensure that anyone that could be turned during this battle, was kept protected behind locked doors. When Hope and Cable arrive in the present, he takes the full responsibility of X-force and a team of X-men. This team reveals his bloody secret. Kurt and Cable, along with many other innocents, have been killed due to Scott’s decisions.

The war, however, brought about new mutants as more were discovering powers, but this was not fast enough to save them from the brink of extinction. The schism is even more evident after the war is over.


Quentin Quire is used as a humiliation tactic towards the UN, which sparks a group of 12 year olds to form a new Hellfire club. Cyclops knows about it, and he sends the team to take on the Sentinels. Wolverine disagrees with these choices, so he goes to a bar instead. One of the newer born mutants, Idle, is 14. She asks what she should do after finding out that the Hellfire club has set a bomb to kill everyone. Scott knows she has killed in the past, but tells her to do what she thinks is best, which seems to be him leaning heavily on the option that she would kill. Wolverine is filled with dismay, when Idle decides to go through with killing them. A new Sentinel is heading towards Utopia, and Cyclops has once more asked the children to fight. Wolverine is pissed about this and threatens to blow Utopia up himself. This leads to a fight, but in the end, the kids attack the Sentinel. However, the Schism has arrived. A majority of the X-men leave Scott’s short lived dream.

Scott threatens the rest of the world to stay away from the Mutants. He does this because he wants the school to be safe. He carries on with his training of Hope, as he believes the Phoenix Force will finish gathering from across the Universe to join forces with Hope to save mutantkind.

With the interference of Captain America and Tony Stark, Cyclops is joined with the Phoenix. At first, he is able to maintain control and make the correct choices. However, the Phoenix was not meant for him, and it corrupts. Cyclops attacks Emma for her part of the Phoenix Force. After he kills even Charles Xavier, his mentor, and father figure, Scott reappears. He begs them to kill him. Hope joins with the Phoenix in the end, and does restore mutant kind.




In conclusion, Cyclops stepped up when other Mutant Leaders did not. His dark decisions may have taken him off the path of his initial ideals he believed in, but he did this so fellow mutants could survive and come back from the brink of extinction. I believe, that with the outside influences he had, such as Decimation, Avengers, the children, and traitors, Scott pulled it off well. There is a bright future no matter how far Cyclops himself had to fall for this goal to be achieved. With a smile on his face, Cyclops knows one thing. He was right.


Paul Smerdon

Paul Smerdon

I have been into comics since the early 90's and my main passion has been X-men I collect books, figures and any collectiables I can get my hands on. For shoot the breeze I have the pleasure opening my eyes to new worlds and adventures. I also do the Across the Pond Trades where I get an opportunity to look at trade paperbacks and review them via our YouTube channel. I also have my own Facebook page and Youtube called Smerdp which is full of plastic goodness. Many Thanks Paul

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Paul Smerdon

I have been into comics since the early 90's and my main passion has been X-men I collect books, figures and any collectiables I can get my hands on. For shoot the breeze I have the pleasure opening my eyes to new worlds and adventures. I also do the Across the Pond Trades where I get an opportunity to look at trade paperbacks and review them via our YouTube channel. I also have my own Facebook page and Youtube called Smerdp which is full of plastic goodness. Many Thanks Paul