Darkness Rises as Darkseid Returns (Wonder Woman #37 Comic Review)

Darkness Rises as Darkseid Returns (Wonder Woman #37 Comic Review)

Where does a dead god’s power go? How does one kill a god? What would Apokolips want with godly energy? Tick tock. Tick. Tock. The questions run down the clock. The children of the gods arc has been an uphill battle for Diana’s character growth, and this issue proves to challenge her further. The momentum built up from the previous issues peak and the ball never stops rolling. With few answers available to her, Diana is left reeling. What will she do? What can she do?

Written by: James Robinson

Penciled by: Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia

Inked by: Jason Paz, Art Thibert, and Raul Fernandez

Cover Art: Brian Hitch and Alex Sinclair  (Variant Cover: Jenny Frison)

Story So Far:

In this arc, we see Diana discovering that she is a child of the gods. While that itself wasn’t shocking, considering the arc title was Children of the gods, what IS surprising is the revelation of her twin brother. Diana, as you know, is an Amazonian warrior princess. There are no men allowed on her island of birth, so we know that this means Jason was smuggled out to be raised by someone else so as to remain hidden from the wrath of others. Zeus, the father of Diana, and consequently her twin brother, could not protect them. Glaucus was chosen to raise Jason and to help shape him into a fierce warrior that could remain hidden from the ire of Hera, who already has a serious issue with all of Zeus’ illegitimate children. Diana’s patience and temper is consistently tested in this arc, as she is pushed farther past her breaking point. Jason holds it against her that she was in the open while he was forced to hide. Grail is plotting to take down Diana, but we still do not know the true motivations beyond what Darkseid appeared to want.


The heartpounding plot from the previous issue does not stop at all. This issue immediately jumps straight into where the last left off. Zeus is facing off against Darkseid. Darkseid is rapidly regaining his power that he lost thanks to Grail, and consequently, Jason. Grail has been draining the demi-gods of their energy and life force in order to feed Darkseid. Zeus, in his immortal pride, has told Diana to back down as he takes care of the still weakened Darkseid. This does not bode well, given the fact that Zeus, as powerful as he is, is still an old god. Darkseid, who wishes to regain his throne on Apokolips, is a “new god”. Diana and Jason manage to make up during this battle, much to Grail’s anger. Grail tells Jason that this is a mistake, as he could have had everything he ever wanted through following Darkseid. Jason refuses to listen to her any further, and instead, he chooses to attack her so Diana can attempt to help their father.


#37 proved to show that Robinson knows exactly what he’s doing with the pacing. It was a fantastic issue full of suspense and plot. It is exciting to imagine what is coming up next. The foreboding this issue gives is palpable. We can further look into this as we notice that Diana is losing the iron-grip strength over her emotions. She is pissed, and honestly, I can’t wait to see where and how she funnels this anger. The next issue will bring so many answers and questions, and I am here for it. If you were uncertain about Wonder Woman before this, you need to pick it up. DC Rebirth has not skimped out on giving her the depth she deserves. Brava. I also have to give major props to the art. It is engaging, and you can just marvel at the beauty of it. It’s drawn well.

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