Disbelief, Elders, and too Many Ms Marvels (Ms Marvel #26 Comic Review)

Disbelief, Elders, and too Many Ms Marvels (Ms Marvel #26 Comic Review)

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Nico Leon and Ian Herring

Cover Art by: Valerio Schiti and Rachelle Rosenberg

Story so Far:

Kamala, our beloved Ms Marvel has taken off. She is nowhere to be found, and New Jersey needs a hero. This is when her friends and Red Dagger team up to keep the city safe. They know who she is, but they choose to not mention it because they know she isn’t ready to tell them her big secret. However, in her absence, an evil plot is brewing, and it’s up to the temporary Marvels and Red Dagger to stop it. Zoe and Red Dagger go to investigate a retirement home after an elderly man on an electric scooter appears shouting in the night. He tells them about experiments and a science dungeon. Of course, they don’t believe him. However, they do take him back to the home before one of the workers rudely shoos them away.

What Just Happened:

Zoe and Red Dagger are still patrolling when a massive creature appears before them. They know they have to take it down, and Red Dagger is quick to attempt to bounce at it. Zoe, however, is uncertain as to what she can do, and hesitates. This could prove to be fatal for her, but thankfully, RD was there to help her. They work together to dismantle the beast with a big boom, and to Zoe’s shock, she recognizes something within the beast. The inventor. The cogs are starting to line up, and Zoe has a bad feeling about this. Just why is the Inventor still alive, and what can this mean for the city? What could it mean for Kamala or the real Ms Marvel? They return to their base to discuss what’s going on. The others are in disbelief at what Zoe has to say, so they disband for the night. Zoe, the brave soul she is, decides to go investigate on her own. RD tells the others that they don’t do very well at disguising their previous steps, and that they should do better if they wish to maintain secrecy about their identities and the fact that Ms Marvel is missing.


The artwork is phenomenal, but honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Ms Marvel. This arc is building speed fast, and my heart is racing thinking about all of the possibilities! Where did you go, Kamala? Your friends and the city need you. If they didn’t, they would never have taken on your guise to protect the city. The emotions that run throughout this series are seriously amazing. You really feel for each character, even the villains most of the time, which speaks volumes of the writing. I’m excited to see where the rest of the arc takes us.

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