Rebellions Start With a Firm Hand (Excellence Issue #9 Comic Review)

Rebellions Start With a Firm Hand (Excellence Issue #9 Comic Review)

Excellence #9 aka “Rebellions Start WIth a Firm Hand”

Written By: Brandon Thomas

Art By: Khary Randolph

Colorist: Emilio Lopez

Letterer: Deron Bennett


In Today’s review, we are going to delve back into the world of Excellence. This comic has been something of a close to heart type of story. It has all of the trappings of a good story mixed in with teenage rebellion and magic. 

Honestly, had my friend not got me hooked on this series, I would probably be reading back issues of another comic. The world that is built in this comics is one I hope gets fleshed out into a TV series one day. It has the gusto to make it so, but enough about me gushing about this series, let’s get into the review proper.

Lets Play Catch Up. Spencer Dales has enlisted Aaron Mills a Wizard who is basically like his brother, Monique his father’s assistant, and his friend Desmond, to help him in his rebellion against the “Aegis” and to tear the system down to build a new one. With Dequan Hill, an agent of the Magical Internal Affairs, hot on his case, and owing a favor to the Dales family, Spencer is ready to begin his path forward.

Now, In this issue, things are heating up for Spencer as he tries to push his plans forward, but in his rush to try and get things done, he accidentally tips his hand and almost gets his plan shut down before it even begins.

One thing about Spencer, he is as hard-headed as any teen who thinks they know better at his age. Throughout these 9 issues, people have tried to stop him from doing what he feels is the right thing, however, the one thing he keeps forgetting is the blowback doesn’t just affect him, it will affect the people around him. Just see what happened to Aaron Mills when Spencer tried to get his revenge in earlier issues.

With things starting to push forward towards a war between Spencer and The Aegis, one thing will eventually have to be answered: “Was it all worth it?” 

I give this comic a 10/10 for hitting me in my soul about Black Families and the expectations that our parents lay on us to be our better selves. Tune in next time as we delve back into Boom Studios Power Rangers and HOPE I don’t need to commit myself to have to read more shit about Tommy Dumbass Oliver EVER AGAIN.

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