Venom T-Rex vs Carnage (Venom #25 Comic Review)

Writer: Donny Cates Penciler: Mark Bagley Inker: Andy Owens Color Artist: Frank Martin Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles What You Need to Know: All hope seems lost on Venom Island. Eddie has lost his hand...

9.7 Amazing

Venom #22 Comic Review

Venom #22 Review Writer: Donny Cates Penciler: Mark Bagley Inker: Andy Owens Color Artists: Frank Martin and Erick Arciniega Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles Cover: Mark Bagley, Andy Owens, Jason Keith &...

8.3 Great

“We are Legion!” (Legion of Superheroes #1 Comic Review)

Legion of Superheroes #1 Review Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artist: Ryan Sook Inker: Ryan Sook & Wade Von Grawbadger Colorist: Jordie Bellaire Letters: Dave Sharpe Cover Artist: Ryan Sook Variant...

8.5 Great

“This isn’t a war…” (Catalyst-Prime: Seven Days #1 Comic Review)

Catalyst-Prime: Seven Days #1 Review Writer: Gail Simone Penciller: Jose Luis  Inker: Jonas Trinidade Colors: Michelle Madsen Letters: Saida Temofonte  Cover Artist: Stjepan Sejic  Variant Cover Artis...

9 Amazing

How Not to Park your Rocket (Champions #8 Comic Review)

Champions #8 Review Writer: Jim Zub Artists: Steve Cummings Cover Artist: Kim Jacinto & Rain Beredo Colors: Marcio Menyz  Letters: Clayton Cowles Previously in Champions… After the War of Realms e...

8.6 Great

“Be that Chaos” (Domino: Hotshots #5 Review)

Domino: Hotshots #5 Review Writer: Gail Simone Artists: David Baldeon & Michael Shelfer Cover Artist: R.B. Silvia & Nolan Woodard Colors: Jim Charalampidis Letters: Clayton Cowels Previously i...

9.6 Amazing

Personal Growth (Unstoppable Wasp #10 Comic Review)

Unstoppable Wasp #10 Review Writer: Jeremy Whitley Artists: Gurihiru Cover Artist: Stacey Lee Letters: Joe Caramagna Graphic Designer: Carlos Lao Previously in Unstoppable Wasp… As the long-awaited da...

10 Perfect

Get Your Game On! (Shazam #5 Comic Review)

Shazam #5 Review Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: Dale Eaglesham, Marco Santucci, Scott Kolins, Max Raynor Cover Artist: Dale Eaglesham & Mike Atiyeh Variant Cover: Jim Lee & Alex Sinclair Colors:...

7.1 Good

Heat-Beams of Friendship! (Champions #5 Comic Review)

Champions #5 Review   Writer: Jim Zub Artists: Juanan Ramirez Cover Artist: Kim Jacinto & Rain Berado Variant Cover Artists: Maxx Lim Colors: Marcio Menyz Letters: Clayton Cowles Previously i...

9.6 Amazing
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