Grail’s Anger and Diana’s Fears (Wonder Woman #42 Comic Review)

Written by: James Robinson

Art by: Jesus Merino

Cover by: Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Variant Cover by: Jenny Frison



What You May Have Missed:

Last issue started a brand new emotional arc. Like the rest of this run of Wonder Woman, we see a huge emotional vulnerability in Diana. This is both her strength and her weakness. She’s running on empty after every single thing she has been through over the past year so when she sees Steve Trevor, she allows herself a true vulnerable moment. She is so happy to see him, she finally relaxes. She tells him everything that has happened and he tells her that it’s okay to not be at 100% super all the time. It’s okay to fall apart sometimes however Diana is too stubborn to listen. She HAS to be powerful. Strong. She can’t let herself break for anything. The world needs Wonder Woman to be wonderful. Jason still hasn’t popped back up. This only comes as a shock to Diana, as I’m sure everyone reading it is beginning to question his motives. Again.

What Just Happened:

Jason is back! He is sporting brand new armor, lovingly given by a mysterious source that comes with a price. What that price is we don’t know and neither does Jason. While they’re catching up, they get interrupted. Grail has struck again! Without hesitating, Jason grabs Diana and says that he can get them there much faster than her flying. She trusts him because who wouldn’t trust their own brother?

When they catch up to Grail, Wonder Woman manages to overpower her and immediately goes for the interrogation – queue the Lasso of Truth! This was a beautiful moment to see. I love the lasso. However, the questions don’t last long as Grail escapes quickly. Just what is Darkseid truly planning? Where does Grail fit in? Where do the Amazons fit in?

Hitch and Sinclair deliver a powerful cover.









This issue was nice, but it felt lacking in the action. The fight was rather short and there was more dialogue than anything. That’s not unusual for Wonder Woman but I’m sure that Diana is sick of Grail’s shit by now. I would be. I wish there had been more of the fight but the emotions are always here to really show us how she feels. Which is fantastic. Okay, I have to say it – I’m kind of tired of Jason just being there. He’s a plot device and an important one at that but what will he actually do? I mean he’s betrayed Diana, gotten attacked by the Silver Swan, and left Diana. Will Jason ever help out at ALL?



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